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Trusty Steed in the Dark 300x225 We Ride...There are some things better let go on the open road with the wind in my face and no sense of time. Aho… The motorcycle mantras begin… Sweet helmet time… Something very profound is happening… And I am very grateful.

Something amazing has happened… is happening right now. In my witness of these matters, I am continually humbled by it all. Looking back, I see the road travelled… but it is the open road in front of me that calls. Beckoning, it is opening the gates to self-realization. There has come this stillness around me, I guess it has surprised me, my calm. All the goings on are blessed with Divinity, it is true. The Tao, Prana, Universal Consciousness, the essence of All that Is, Love, the Infinite…God. it goes on, but in my experience all referring to the same.

Relax, now… you have come a long ways. Be still now and know that you are God’s Creation… that you are imbued with your Creator’s Love and that which created you breathes through you. You are a divine vessel, no mere mortal body, but the Spark that animates, the coursing chi throughout which creates movement in you; it is everywhere…

There is no need for anger or fear or suffering any longer. No need for war… Fight the battle within and quell those dark spirits that cast doubt into your affairs; they no longer serve you. Let them go… Be what it takes to release all that holds you back. Find your way, powerful beings we are whence we step into our truth and allow Love to flow through us.

I have come to see the Art of Allowing in a new light, these past several days… weeks, months. I am truly blessed to have had the experience in Sedona that I did. She and all her tribe opened hearts and homes to welcome me into Loving experience. I rested for the first time in months. Energy flowed, creations manifested and vibrations were raised… I was shown just what was needed… and then she released me.

I drove home peacefully on Christmas Day… and nine days later I am here in Pismo Beach, reflecting. There was a definite flow, as I completely revamped my websites and business presence. www.heroesofthenow.com has been transitioned towards what it was originally intended for. Now that the book has been published, and is up at Amazon.com (yup… check it out!), the original vision of the website has spiraled back around. It will be a few months till it is fully active, but know that it is just around the corner. Sign up here to be notified when major updates have been posted and for the Heroes of the Now Newsletter.

marctitus.com was also born, how fitting… as I approach my birthday, just one day away now, I reflect in gratitude. And as you can see, the Buffalo Diaries has had a bit of a lift as well, its all still here. I have been shown, though that a new edition is coming. A reprint, but with more, Journal entries from as far back as 1991, perhaps even further… mainly the days following my birthday in 2007, how I got to Sedona and what was happening before I started writing at the Buffalo Diaries… and of Course, all the material since it was published… Probably to this birthday in 2012, which would be a five year journey… what an adventure it has been!

As my birthday draws near, I see the path before me now and I step one conscious foot in front of the other. Along the way, I recovered my photographer… he seemed to be stranded, but he is back now! I posted my portfolio at flickr.com and linked it at marctitus.com/photography/. I am available to do headshots and portraits, even traveling with my gear right now, so if anyone along the way needs a portrait done, let’s talk! So far I have shot a band rehearsal and a headshot/portrait session on New Year’s Eve day… When I return, I will be shooting the album art for El Javi Trio’s upcoming release. So, I got that going for me! It is nice to have the camera back out to play…

And so I ride, the Trusty Steed and I, on up the California Coast. I can see it now, something Michael Jackson and I spoke about a little over a year ago… And I just got an invite from Jim and Bonnie to stop by and see them! It is all coming together, in a Yoga and Motorcycle kinda way and that makes my inner child smile!

Making room for the highest good and Loving every minute of it!





Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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