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The Journey is about vibrational awareness and I have come to see on my path just how this understanding can have a dramatic effect on one’s experience. There is only the vibrational background that matters in creating a life experience in an interactive way. In these body clothes it is easy to forget that we are far more than just flesh and blood, bones and sinew and our perception of what we are. We are the effervescence from the field, bubbling up and out from the tiniest seeds of intention planted with the whimsy of a child. Thoughts, words and actions in this 3 dimensional space can tear asunder the pristinely planted, or nurture them to fruition, it is a choice.

Oh so simple words, yet apparently the most difficult thing for the cultured being to allow. Much must be disbelieved, forgiven and released to be able to have better clarity around this energetic fact. Everything I do contributes to my reality, to what I am experiencing and I have learned the importance of keeping a pure thought stream. It is easier now, for sure, than it was at the beginning, but I will emphasize the importance of knowing what is going on in your mind. Look deep within and be mindful of denial to root out errant and self-debilitating or sabotaging thoughts. Embrace this opportunity to continue to Know Thyself impeccably. If you are experience challenges, find those places in your mind that create undercurrent vibrations that manifest in your words and actions, thereby creating this reality around you.

The Loving Timeline is one of acceptance; It is the basal experience. We can see this if we look around, in nature especially the perfection, joy and Love is ever-present. The natural experience unfolds with Divine purpose and Loving intent… This is the timeline that exists all around us always, but it can be elusive and ironically, illusory. I used to believe in that other reality, yet, now I know it is a mere portion of the true and full experience that we are capable of having. It can happen, this understanding, I am proof of that, I have said many times along the way, but You must want to see it for it to appear.

I wanted something different when I embarked on this Soul Journey to Consciousness over 3 1/2 years ago (…and lifetimes ago). I asked questions and the answers were shown to me. I began to listen again, to experience the subtle signs along the way and allow them to guide me through feeling and intuition to the place I am today. I have come to see that expanding consciousness is happening and that the frequencies all around are uplifting into higher states of vibration. Aware or not, belief or denial, it matters not because it is happening. Experiencing this within my own discernment has allowed me to integrate the Universal Consciousness, or Source Energy into each moment of my existence.

My Authentic Self and Source are One, my physical body an extension of that connection and my interface in this 3-dimensional experience. The energetic implications of this statement are so vast as to be mind-boggling at first, but just go with it… Once we learn to reconnect to what we are already connected to we can begin to make a difference in our lives. The spiritual interactions that are now available to us, once this agreement has been made are infinite and with practice one can lead an impeccable experience filled with much adventure!

Every moment that I practice this energetic awareness, ripples of delicious and fresh prana and possibility caress my Soul and my physical body responds in kind with the feelings of Love and empowerment. Joy, resides here and it is good, my friends. This place I describe is available to all, the gateway dissolves once becoming aware of it and the calling to enter reverberates deep within. Expanding awareness and uplifted consciousness are sensations of proximity, there will be no fear or anger, frustration or greed. Hope is an indicator of impending connection and the leap of faith can be taken knowing that when in the presence of Source you will know it….

These thoughts become reality and the knowing so deep as to illicit the creative spark of movement and I continue to go deeper to my energy source. At the core of my being resides the spark of Creator and however bright or dim, it has always been there when I go to it and it has always shone brighter after tending to it and nurturing its high vibrations. Building, it becomes a column of brilliant, golden white light emanating from my core, ever-expanding into the Universe around me, uplifting the vibration of everything it comes into contact with. This I have been shown, experienced as an energetic fact when tested as hypothesis, and come to accept as my reality.

This knowledge gained by direct personal experience is one aspect, however I also had to cultivate enough self-love to overcome years of the opposite in order to get to this place of acceptance of the Love that surrounds me. I breathe it in with every breath I take into my core it builds the light within me. Source Energy is Love and it surrounds me always…this is important information needed to make informed decisions about my moment to moment well-being. This is what the Journey has been all about. Coming to a this Higher Consciousness means nurturing it and allowing a place for it in my life. And so comes the practice…

There is much that has been discovered and I have seen my role in conveying it to the world today, so I just relax into the being-ness of my Soul. I choose the highest vibration that is available to me in any given moment. I know what it feels like to be in the vicinity of Source and I know when I am the flow. My energetic signature is the vibration the Universe responds to and the reality that I “see” comes from it. If I want my reality or circumstances to change, I must acknowledge the discrepancy in my core vibration and bring that into alignment before I will “see” any remarkable changes in my environment. that is an Energetic Fact…

So, always I come back to my wholeness and bring myself into alignment with Source. That is where the work is most effective, the power returning from places that have held the vibrations, now freeing me into higher frequencies of thoughts, words and actions. It is an omnipotent experience, when in the flow of All that Is, and from that place the power that creates worlds is available. Our alignment and release into it is what is necessary to come fully into the Authentic Power that is available to us at this time.

We are who we have been waiting for…

All we must do is be the change that we always wanted or wished for and embrace the life we imagined when it was less complicated and wrapped up in societal conditioning. Humanity is far more powerful than we have allowed ourselves to be and in our knowledge of this energetic fact we are eclipsing all the times of change that have ever come before. Interacting with the fabric of reality at the smallest levels and with Human hands is the art of the Shaman. It is the way of the warrior who has released the need to fight, rather knowing that Love is the vibration of the Universe and will conquer all the “evil” in the world today,

All the battles are won at this level of understanding for there is nothing left to fight and the Shaman turns the attention to these vibrational matters, knowing that the way they feel is an indicator of the strength of the connection to Source. They also know that when they are in flow, they are contributing to the vibrational restructuring of all matter in the Universe, effectively healing and raising the vibration of all Creation, especially that which is proximal to their surroundings. This knowledge has changed me and I know where my responsibility is. How could I ever offer a lower vibration again? I am always moving to higher ground as a result of this awareness. I do have the power of vibrational change, but it begins with a deep understanding of my energy.

The Journey has brought the knowledge and experience to come to these insights. I advocate a deep look into the depth of one’s being to cultivate this awareness. It won’t be for everybody, but if you are reading this, recognize that you were guided to this work for a reason… Do you choose to know what that reason is?

Much Love and Kindness,

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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