This isn’t my first Rodeo…

Shamanic Experience / The Buffalo Diaries
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I arrived in Rodeo, NM and there was nothing there… No ICP or Fire Camp, the Team just arriving and transitioning with the local organization. It was a new experience for me and I learned. Riding around that day with my Supervisor, absorbing all the intricacies of the incident and planning for the Aviation resources, being flexible as things changed from moment to moment. There were meetings of new people, locals who would be allowing the use of their land in support of fighting the fire that threatened the very economy of such a small community.

I have always found it interesting that in times of distress, emergency or disaster the human spirit rises to the occasion, for the most part and this was no exception. The day passed quickly, the team was to take over the incident the next morning… My responsibility was to establish a new helibase and be prepared to receive aircraft at 0800 the following morning. A plan was made with new acquaintances and the day became night.

The following morning, I stood on the private airstrip that would be my home for the next two weeks, several boxes at my feet and was perplexed, albeit, borderline overwhelmed. I had 2.5 hours to go to briefing, eat, organize resources and setup a helibase to accommodate 3 aircraft due at 0800, perhaps more. I closed my eyes and relaxed, knowing that all would come together… that regardless of any worry or anxiety on my part, the helicopters would be there at 0800, the crew-members would arrive as they promised and all would come together.

In that moment, I made a choice. I decided that I would just allow it all to come together, be present and aware, moving from moment to moment with grace and ease… I smile now as I write this because, I wasn’t always there to be sure… However, that is the intention I set and the overall experience. The down moments and difficult times were all part of the learning and learn I did. With a deep breath I looked up to the sky, connecting to All that Is and said a prayer. I spoke from my heart in the depths of my being. No words crossed my lips, none were necessary because the feeling was so strong in my heart. Facing the four directions, a breath cycle at each and it was done.

It did all come together, quite nicely, the professionalism of the Helitack crews very evident that morning as we set up one of the busiest Type 2 helibases many of us could remember. It was non-stop for the first 9 or 10 days, mission after mission flown. It was quite something, let me say. Being a fire located in the remote Chiricahua Wilderness, much of the access was by helicopter. We were busy. 16 hour work days with waking hours being more like 18, one after the other. We moved crews and cargo… 882 people and 37,000 lbs of cargo over 7 days (the bulk occurring over 3 operational periods when we flew crews in one day, supported the next and flew out the 3rd…) It was an exceptional experience to witness everyone working together in such a manner as to accomplish this with zero aviation issues! Everyone on that base, contributed in such a way as to create a synergistic experience. An exponential multiplying of individual efforts to create something far bigger than its parts. Deep gratitude for all who were there…

There were moments, as happens during such intense times where dramatic energy shifts occurred, however there was such presence in the leadership of the base that minimal overall effects to the operation were experienced. I was mentoring a trainee who was a very experienced helicopter manager. We watched each others backs on that helibase, checking one another for those shifts and coaching each other through some times where anger, or the old ways might emerge. Leadership teamwork was necessary on such a busy base and I am grateful for the experience.

There were other concerns, or so I thought, personal ones that were creating challenges. Deva, wonderful partner! was there from the home base supporting me in the energy realms. I recognized as I did the first day that all would come to pass, for the highest good for all creation if I stepped back and allowed things to be. If I stayed present and alert, right in the moment I had all my power and could act when the moment was right, without prejudice or preconception. I could access intuition, my higher consciousness and made decisions from that level of awareness. Incredibly empowering this way of interacting with the world is and I did my best to stay clear and present, diligently doing the work myself and with Deva’s backup.

We are a powerful team, her and I. Together we assisted in the transition of much karma and darkness leaving the world. We were placed in the situation on the Loving Timeline for a reason. I was the point person, on the front lines and Deva based in her power place… together we soared! There was much energy being released as a result of the fire and it turns out we were right there, not only to witness it, but to insure the safety of those fighting the fire and to facilitate the most efficient, expeditious way to cross over so much karma and dark energy.

When I look back now, I smile when I think of that first day. It turns out this was my first rodeo! My first wildfire assignment as a practicing and skilled Shaman, navigating non-ordinary reality with a long-distance partner, herself a skilled teacher and Shaman, was indeed a new experience for me. I listened and sensed beyond my senses and the miraculous world opened up. I was prepared before things would happen and my intuition was ever-present. And so it became the new experience I was looking for .

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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