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shamans cave 300x225 the Questions...So, the Journey has begun for you! The truth is now being exposed and the questions you seek answers to seem to be much deeper and steeped in the meaning of it all. Good! That is the start… the sense of a whisper that asks, “Who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose?” Sounds cliché, but it’s true. Your questions may not come out exactly like these, in the simplest terms, but they are being asked from a deeper consciousness and the search for the answers becomes the guide on your journey. There are many paths to the truth and ultimately yours will be found on your own, however now, at the beginning much guidance is needed.

As your start on this path or perhaps these aren’t your first tentative steps, there is much resistance. The physical experience you are and have been having has perpetuated unconsciously for years, so there is much in your present moment to distract you from your new way. Know this and all of a sudden, a shift can occur. You begin to instruct yourself to observe, watch and create moments of time that your presence is alert and receiving new information. You can go through an experience without reacting in old patterns, trust me… it may be difficult at first, but it does get easier!

For me, at the beginning, the hardest part was the dichotomy I experienced with family, friends and colleagues. I remember reaching out to these old confidants and speaking in new ways. Most didn’t understand or were threatened by this new me. There was a tremendous pull to relapse and meet this person on an experience the way I used to. It pulled me apart so many times and the beginning seemingly began again. As I became more and more aware of this, I realized that if I was to continue on my Soul Journey to Consciousness, I would need to maintain my vibration during these times and allow whatever was going to happen, happen.

Much fell away those first few years… I wrote about it in Heroes of the Now. That link will take you to an excerpt from the book, a letter to a Dear Friend, that I actually wrote to one of my friends about the time I recognized that there was less and less common ground for our conversations. I have to say now, that was difficult. I had created these relationships over the course of my life and as I was growing, they seemed to be getting further away. Earlier in my life, when this happened, I would “snap out of it” and return to “reality”, often masking the symptoms with unhealthy indulgences. As I said earlier, It’s not easy…especially at first.

Now, over 5 years after completely immersing myself in this transformation, I can tell you this… If you are called to growth, then you will not be satisfied unless you get on with the Journey! Nothing you try to replace it with in the material world is going to satisfy the Soul’s desire for expansion. Now, here is the good news… It doesn’t have to be messy, ugly or traumatizing, however this part is all up to you. Like I said yesterday, I suggest putting a moratorium on any rash decisions and allow yourself a few months to observe your experience in a new light. Breathe now into your experience and see that right now all is ok. Probably better than ok really, just allow yourself this moment the way it is.

At this point, I can offer a few tips… First, master your body. Then master your mind… Begin right now! Breath is an access point, so now as you breathe become aware of your posture and bring some consciousness to it. Sit up straight, align head, neck and spine. Continue breathing. Feel your body right now and try to listen to what it is saying. Do this many times a day… set an alarm every hour and apply consciousness to your body and get it moving. Stand up, walk, bend over, but do it consciously. And here is where the next step comes in… because I know your mind is trying desperately to keep your attention. So many arguments not to and such chatter the mind makes when change is in the air, providing ample intellect to try to convince you the contrary of your new intentions. Well, guess what?

It gets easier! However, you must find your way to get past these first hurdles. I suggest a yoga regimen of asana and meditation… every day if you can, but at a minimum to start with 3 times per week. The benefit of yoga at this point is that even if it is just approached as exercise, the foundation for a steady mind is being created. You may even come across a class where the teacher delves deeper into the spiritual or meditative aspects of the practice. Regardless, get on the mat! Yoga begins Now!

If you commit to these two practices for the next few months, I guarantee you will begin to see things more clearly and your life will take on new meaning. As you proceed, you will begin to see the truth of your situation more clearly and with progress, you will also know what to do and how to be. Begin here, start slowly and above all else RELAX! Another basic tenet of yoga; allow yourself to relax more… tension is a good indicator of resistance, so take note. If there is tension, get yourself to a class! Or Breathe… Or just take a moment to close your eyes and relax.

You will find it… If I can be of service, you will let me know and as always, the Buffalo Diaries are here to light the way.




Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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