the Buffalo Spirit returns…

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Empty Cup...

When I began writing the Buffalo Diaries, Buffalo Spirit came to me. It was in my consciousness in a way that was very powerful and upon researching the meaning, I understood. The qualities of my experience… thoughts, words and actions were most definitely aligned with this totem and it brought me peace to know this. I continued along the path and when it came time to call in one of my primary tools, a drum, I asked for buffalo hide. However, the delivery revealed that my first drum would be elk rather than buffalo.

Just now, I looked up the Elk spirit guide meanings and I have insight into why this all played out like it did.

Elk can run forever.  They have great stamina and are powerful beings with excellent reflexes.  Elk are very unpredictable too.  They can be friendly one moment and angry the next.

  • Elk teaches us how to become more observant of subtle energies.
  • Elk demand space to roam, but occasionally need time alone. It teaches us to seek sacred space.
  • Those with Elk medicine are reminded to maintain emotional balance to keep aggressive tendencies in check.
  • This medicine teaches survival techniques in all types of environments.
  • Elk people demand respect and have great pride in their professional and private lives and must be continually on guard against becoming to egotistical.
  • Those who know Elk medicine stand tall with a strong self-image and must seek to be humble.
  • When Elk appears it often comes with a message to stand strong with pride and to use ones gifts to show others of its power.

I had those tendencies back then and I was especially working on the fickle nature of my emotions and aggression. The elk drum came into my life to show me these things. I used this drum for many months, healing myself and others with it. I experienced even deeper the subtle energies that I was working with during this time and I have come to know much more than I did so many moons ago. It was a brief shock last week when my drum turned into a dog’s chew toy, but I just laughed it off. I knew there was a reason for this and I accepted peacefully that all was well.

Had I the drum on the subsequent part of the Journey, I am sure I would have been tempted to use it in a healing environment, however I see now that would not have been for the highest good. Spirit intervened and I have been without a drum now for the last week. That all changed yesterday…

When it happened, I brought out the google search and looked for rawhide lacing so I could repair it and found Centralia Fur & Hide. Imagine my surprise and understanding when I realized that I would be riding through this small town in western Washington State on my path. The guidance was to wait, not ordering replacement lacing and having it sent to a location I would be staying at, but rather I sensed I would go to this place. And I did yesterday.

I met the artist, a master drum maker from the Swinomish Tribe in La Conner, WA, and we shared an experience. The first drum he showed me was a beautiful buffalo hide drum with an amazing story showing on the hide that reminded us of the Buffalo Diaries Logo. He told me it was made with the hide of the hump and shoulders and showed me how to see this. I asked for a drum stick and began to test it out. A deep and resonant sound came from it connecting immediately to my heart and I knew.

Everything happens for a reason, is often something that I say and truly believe in my life. Spirit working in apparently mysterious ways, but if I am open the way is shown. I now have the Buffalo Spirit with me again and an amazing tool for healing. I am ready, I see, to embrace the wisdom and energy of the Buffalo and am grateful for this experience.

Buffalo Medicine

  • The buffalo is powerful medicine that is a symbol of sacrifice and service to the community.   The buffalo people agreed to give their lives so the American Indian could have food, shelter and clothing.
  • The buffalo is also a symbol of gratitude and honor as it is happy to accept its meager existence as it stands proud against the winds of adversity.
  • The buffalo represents abundance of the Creator‘s bounty and respect for all creation knowing that all things are sacred.
  • The buffalo represents a manifestation of the divine aspects of our being.
  • Because of its size, speed and sharp horns, buffalos can be dangerous when threatened.  People who hear the message of the buffalo spirit are reminded to temper their power in dealing with others and allow the tranquility and peace of the Buffalo Brother to enter their lives.
  • Those with this totem need to remember to see the good in all things and not let their frustration store up inside them.
  • Unlike the European domesticated cow that places its rump toward approaching cold and faces away, the buffalo turns its head to face and stand firmly against raging storm.  This quality reminds us to have courage and face problems head-on.
  • Buffalos unite against danger as buffalo cows defend their young, old and sick by forming a protective circle around them and the bulls form a circle around the cows.  If you see the buffalo circle in dream or vision, it may mean someone around you requires your strength to defend and honor them. Or, it is a call to unite with others to bring about positive change.
  • The huge head of the Buffalo Brother signifies higher mental abilities that is grounded to Mother Earth by their tough bodies.
  • The buffalo teaches us how to eliminate our burdens by directing our energy in a balanced way.
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the Drum

The drum has come at the perfect time, having spent the last couple of days resting and releasing, I have been reborn again. Much work has been done to bring my frequency to an even higher level and as I relax into the wholeness of my being I can see that I am blessed by Creator with every breath. Inhaling through my entire being I can feel the energy building within me and I am ready to continue my journey. Rested and rejuvenated I sit peacefully getting to know my new drum. It has many stories to share and much healing will come of it, this I Know.

Looking outside, I can see a deep layer of fog obscuring the surroundings but I know what is out there, beyond it. As I prepare for departure, I consider my role in this dance, step into my frame and feel the beat of the Universe as I lead with the first step of the day…

Love and Kindness,


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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