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Heroes of the Now Journey / The Buffalo Diaries
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The Buffalo Diaries began just over a year ago today. I came to the keyboard with a clean slate, sitting in the flow of All Creation and began to write about my shamanic experience. I have steadily come into the knowing of a multi-dimensional reality existing alongside the current paradigm of our apparent experience. Knowing this allowed the possibility for me to become a Shaman. But only after cultivating the ability to interact with these realms and affect my life experience through several years of intense inquiry into the energetic facts of our existence have I become one.

The pathway unfolded in perfect timing, allowing for a depth of experience as remarkable now as it was in the moment. Those experiences formed the Buffalo Diaries as I found my Authentic Self and aligned my internal compass to my highest good. There were highs and lows along the way but I always went towards the higher vibration, the clearer thought, or the best feeling. My sensations became my guide, the Shamanic Journey my tool and there was much healing through soul retrieval and forgiveness. Density shed has allowed for a higher vibrational experience. This is the Loving Timeline. I am Grateful! Today, on Thanksgiving Day I focus all my energy into peaceful vibrations for the planet and carry the highest light for All Creation.

Looking back on the Journey brings its personal significance into my awareness and I acknowledge this to myself now as I ponder the experience for a moment. Sitting in gratitude is part of the practice and by creating this cohesive thought stream with consistency the entire Universe comes into higher vibration. It starts at the core of the being, deep within as though a tiny spark of creation ignited and it becomes carried by thought and born into the field of experience as it pulsates and ripples through the energetic fabric of our reality expanding universal consciousness because one had an epiphany. Impeccably and discerningly following the flow of information when all is aligned and Source energy is the current allows for the highest good for All Creation.

It has become about the knowing of vibration and energy, of frequencies and light, this incredible Soul Journey to Consciousness. It has transformed my entire perspective and I am much more peaceful as a result. Another key, I have discovered is that bringing peace to my environment came from the peace I was carrying within, along with the amount of Love I was carrying for myself. As greater and greater amounts of peace came into my inner being, my outer experience shifted completely. The ‘drama’ that had been around dissolved and my life has become much more serene. I Love myself completely and that has made all the difference.

In gratitude, I find forgiveness is a vibration that I have carried much along the way. Forgiving myself, perhaps the hardest to do, but worth it and I have learned to understand the vibration of forgiveness and applying it to situations that needed healing. It is a deep place and yet a very high vibration with brilliant golden white light pouring through. Come to find this energetic place and much in one’s life can be transformed. Forgiveness releases the blocks to Source energy allowing it to flow better as it cascades all around me, in my breath and through my chakras. I have found that forgiveness is the frequency that brings about change.

For these many discoveries of the past year and the joy the Buffalo Diaries has brought me, I am grateful. For those who have supported me along the way, I am grateful and for those yet to come, my gratitude extends beyond time and space. The Journey has just begun and as I breathe that into my awareness the light fills my vision and I know I am on the Loving Timeline where all things are possible and those possibilities are infinite. It is where my vibration brings about my reality and thus my highest cause is to keep my energy as high as possible. It is the place of knowing my purpose and what my Soul came to do. The Loving Timeline is real reality unfettered by the creations of a cluttered mind, body and spirit. It is a place of peace and that is where I desire to be.

As I move into each new moment I see what to do. I know the sensations of the Loving Timeline, so I go there first… Always, I must go there first and knowing when I am off the timeline is valuable information. The hardest won lesson of the past year is this knowledge. (thanks Deva, for your patience…) In every moment, the keen awareness to my surroundings alerts me to my presence and if I am other than on the Loving Timeline, it is the highest service for me to do what it takes to come back into alignment. I know when I am off now, it is a density that is unpleasant and in that heaviness a burden which usually precedes the knowing… But the tools I have and I know how to use them so getting aligned is much easier now. It is the importance of this lesson that I convey to myself, yet again… Get on the Loving Timeline and then create the experience I wish to have, much easier I now know!

I give thanks for this wonderful experience and share Love with All Creation on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day and in this gratitude flows the Source energy that nourishes my creations. Pure thought and intention I release into this Divine current for abundance of health, wealth and prosperity… for peaceful vibrations to manifest throughout the world right now… for the highest good to manifest for all… For Love to shine and Forgiveness to heal… for moments of unified consciousness and for the highest vibration thought that is currently available. Right now I practice gratitude and on the wings of Angels my feelings soar throughout the Universe… and I along with them.

Much Love and Kindness,


the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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