Spirit moves me…

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My Trusty Steed

My life has taken a remarkable turn now. I am preparing to hop on my motorcycle and embark on a 7-week, 8 state tour, sharing Love and Kindness all along the way! The reasons for the Journey are many, however the source energy is coming from within. This was foretold to me in the shower (see the Buffalo Diaries book) so many months ago, when I returned from Texas after being guided to find a find a bike for this journey. Spirit is moving me and I am listening and responding.

The journey has taken form recently as a movement within that is so powerful as to guide my actions in every way… Over the last week or so, as I look back, I am amazed at how it has all come to pass. Now, I sit in my writer’s retreat in Oak Creek Canyon with my gear already packed, motorcycle receiving care from a local shop and an itinerary with several destinations already established. All divinely guided and shown to me through quiet meditation and connection to Creator.

This is where the remarkable changes I have been going through expose the most learning, growth and knowledge. I have formed a connection to the original Creator of my Soul and have seen the divine blueprint of which I was a part of creating… I know why I am here at this time. As this connection has strengthened, over the months and years, I understand greatly the importance of Source. I am from this Source, am this Source and this Source permeates and surrounds me in its infinite Love. Creator’s Love for All that Is, for all Creation, this Source is the power that allows absolute freedom!

At the core of this experience, I have found the vibration of Love to be the frequency that heals all matters, that creates infinite possibilities and that serves humankind in ways that can free humanity from the bonds of the past and allow us All to move onto an entirely different timeline. One that is filled with Joy and Prosperity for all, connecting to the vast richness that Creator has provided. In seeing this, my life has changed and I am no longer the persona(s) that I once shared with the World.

In this transformation and letting go, I have found my True Authentic Self and in my strong connection to Source/Creator the strength, power and resolve comes to carry out my life’s work. I must share this experience I am told, in fact the guidance so strong that when I didn’t respond, thinking with my logical mind that I must be “crazy”, situations around me magnified in such intensity as to guide me back to my True path. I have all the evidence I need… My life is happy, joyous and free when I am aligned with my highest Truth… the other not so pleasant.

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Heart in the Clouds

So, now I listen all the time. My days begin with meditation and stillness, listening I clear all the influences that have crept in until I am “bright and shiny”, then I feel what is to happen next. As that vision comes in and forms, I follow it in my mind, blessing and giving life to it. I watch it come to fruition throughout the day, seeing the interactions and experiences unfold, sharing Love and Kindness as the vision continues. I receive Divine Guidance because I ask for it. In its simplicity, resides months and years of release of the old ways so as to actually be able to connect to Source in the way I have, but it is worth it! Believe me, the life I live today is much more fulfilling than anything I experienced before.

As I bless my day before it has already begun, I am better prepared to receive the gifts and exchanges that are about to occur. I have prepared myself to hold my Authentic Nature throughout the day and so I can begin to move into the experience. In this way, the Journey has unfolded…

I am to travel with Spirit as my guide and Deva’s Home Team support to the destinations shown to me. Along the way, listening, I will meet the people that are forwarding consciousness in new ways, promoting Love and Kindness for all humanity and committed to the prosperity of All Creation. Divine Intelligence will provide the right experiences to share as I traverse the western United States on a dual-sport motorcycle sharing Love with All that Is.

Preparations continue, stillness permeates my being and I am ready… More to come here at the Buffalo Diaries and I will be posting at the Heroes of the Now website as well. The book is complete and ready for publishing! It is receiving one last look over right now by a wonderful being who responded to my divinely guided inquiry… Thank you!

And so it is coming to pass… Heroes of the Now, the book I began last October is about to be published! And so far it is getting good reviews as well! As I said, there are many reasons for this Journey and along with Sharing Love with All Creation, promoting this book is another… Consciousness is the Superpower of the Now and the Heroes of the Now know this… I will find them or they will find me and together we can change the world!

Love and Kindness,



 Spirit moves me...

Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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