A revealing shamanic journey…

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There was a young Prince, so long ago, I see him sitting on a throne of death.  All around him, death and destruction.  The view from windows in the castle bearing the throne, reveal a landscape barren, dry and grey. He sits there, unmoving in the still landscape, not even a breath interupts the silence.  There is anguish written in his bones and he appears to be deep in thought, a grimace of challenge etched into the skin drawn tightly over his jaw.

But wait, there is the slightest notion of breath, a stirring of life in this immobile young Prince.  And yet he doesn’t move.  What is he thinking about?  The kingdom is gone, there is no evidence of life anywhere the eye can see.  What happened?  How did this world come to exist?  These are the questions that come as I step back to view the scene from a bigger picture.

The kingdom, once a fertile, joyous place filled with Love and Light, fell prey to the misguided understandings of a deceived Prince. As I walk the halls of the castle, thick carpets of dust puff about my feet with each purposeful step I take.  Everything is grey and the stench of death permeates these halls.  I climb the stairs to the battlements and jump up onto the stone  to survey the scene one more time.  This time, I soften my gaze and come into my being, bringing focus to the center of my brain.  Collected and focused, like a laser my third eye opens and I see a rich landscape, multi-colored and an air that is shimmmering.  I carve my arm through the energy  that  surrounds me and then its gone.  There is something supernatural about this place.

After a time, I find my way back to the throne room, passing woven tapestry heavily hung on walls thick with despair and the Prince is there sitting amongst all of this anti-creation, death and destruction.  I wonder how long he has sat in this place, paralyzed by his thoughts creating the malaise that keeps him in this place. Look, there is a layer of the finest particulate dusted over his skin, it even gives him an appeareance of death, even though his shallow breath can be seen stirring up small clouds of dust beneath his nostrils.  I sense that he is aware of me, but he hasn’t moved yet.  He is holding onto something, I see there is something clutched to his heart beneath the blanket of anguish.

I stare into his eyes, now open there is a depth that is empty, long gone it appears, but wait, he stirs…  Why do you sit here?

This young Prince had lived in a beautiful and magical realm.  There was a purity in the kingdom that Creator  provides to all creations.  And there was free will, the power of choice.    Oh, that made him stir…  There is free will, the power to choose.   Take total personal responsibiilty for all your thoughts, words and actions… For all your creations, young Prince…

The Prince becomes a blur of motion and all that remains but for an instant is the thick outline of dust, but I see it erupt into the action of motion generated with such intention.  He stands before me, aged and cloaked in a dark cloak his arms beneath still clutching at his heart.  His eyes reflect the grey landscape, still barren but there is depth there now and I can see a spark of creation, of life in the inky depths.  We stand, opposed for a time… sizing each other up, I am unafraid as he moves around me now with more intensity and I can feel anger and hatred in him.  I Love You…  I say over and over.  For hours…

I Love you… over and over and over I say it… I mean it…  From the Source of all Love, I Love you… He softens and a tiny smile, imperceptible at first cracks the shell of his face.

I Love You, over and over again… He continues to soften and with a sweeping gesture of his arm there is light and color… then it fades.  He looks at his arm and cocks his head to the side quizzically and shrugs his shoulders…  Great volumes of dust that weighted his upper body down for mellienia slough off into the air around us.  I Love You.  And I see the energy as I did before, shimmering and thick with possibility and when the dust billows up into this liquid-like  substance it is transformed into white doves that rise up and flap wings of  light into the high ceiling.  They gain momentum, flocking and spiraling now, creating a vortex of light coming off the prince…

Prince, do you now take total personal responsibility for all your creations?  Your thoughts, words and actions?   The vortex continues sprialing up, the roof of the ceiling now dissolved into a shimmering blue sky where once there was grey.  The vortex continues and I look back down from the view above to see the princein splendid garb, colorful and and vibrant, yet humble at the same time…  He appears to be transforming before my very eyes…

Do you now take total personal responsibility for all your creations?  When he speaks it  resounds in my head  reverberating on  the inside of my skull it seems, I release the barriers and allow this declaration to reach the entire cosmos…

I TAKE TOTAL PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL MY CREATIONS, he speaks softly.    I created this he  sighs with relief.    The moment settles and there is greater freedom in the room.  When I look around now, we are in  a humble throne room with the tiniest impression of a throne.  It is alive it appears, the seat of ruling over this kingdom.  Not yet fully formed, this seat of power being misused for so long unable to manifest in it’s full glory at this time, but transformed from a throne of death to one of life…

He  begins to speak in a soft tone…  I was deceived…  I did everything that was asked of me and still the destruction came.  I was given the secrets of the universe…  I thought, and I believed that was the way to live.

He continued to tell me about a time when he ran with the gods, powerful yet immature beings intent on creating with the power they had discovered.  But, as they were immature, they were other than adept at wielding such power and like a child who hasn’t learned to share, they plotted to keep the power for themselves.  They got something from keeping the power away from everyone one else, it appears and so set about to devise a strategy to keep the masses in the dark.    They were gods after all…  All-powerful,  with the ability to instantly create from the energies of the uiniverse.

The young Prince was one of them at that time and saw that the power of creation was something that was free to all Creation, not to be hoarded as the “gods” were doing.  The energy of Creation is all around, accessible to all, in its boundless state.  So, the gods created a deception and started to promote that deception amongst the beings of the time.  The young prince stood out amongst the gods and denounced this endeavor with all the presence he could muster.

And for a time, they relented and the Prince felt as though he was heard… Then one day in his sleep, he awoke to a circle of gods surrounding ihim chanting incantations and he felt a feeling he had never experienced.  Evil.  Something was happening and he slipped in and out of consciousness…

I see… Prince, do you willingly break all spells and curses placed upon you by others, or that you have placed upon yourself?  The Prince turns pale and the energy that is holding him up leaves his body and he collapses to the floor.

I see the alter where the prince lies, it is a bed of cotton fiberrs and it is surrounded by his once companiouns.  they are chanting, the words unclear, but a darkness is eittedf rom their pursed lips and taught skin of therifaces…  They are pale and tale and shimmering with light, but there io are dark particles of solidity that permeates their energetic form.    The darkness of their breath shimmering strands of matter that began to encase the young rince, he could feel them attaching to is bones and flesh and thoughts and feelings…  THechants continued…

When he awoke, he was in the kingdom in another form and no recollectin of what I just described to him.  He was standing now, more color returing to his skin and his facial features were the compassionate for the first time.  I break all spells and curses that have been placed upon me or that I have placed upon myself.  I break all further spells that I have placed upon myself and that others have placed upon me as a result of my belief of the first spells and curses. He started to shine as he spoke those words.

He told me of his life in the kingdom.  Borne a prince with means above the masses, eerily reminiscent of his time spent as a young god…  But he was cursed into believing that the power of creation came from other than within.  He was decieved into believing that the Source of all Love was somewhere outside that need to beacheieved.  And he lived his life as a Prince…  It was a traumatic childhood, he bagan to remember, as early in his years, he did remember a foggy recollection of his life as a god.  Where the energy of creation waseverpresent and with intention could manifest all things…

ANd something started to transform within him…  Creation occurs as a combination of internion and energy  as expressed over three dimensional time.  There are some exponents that occur, but I am unsure of the mathematics of it all, however the young prince began to see what the curse had prevented him from seeing all along.

the ability to Create with the energy of the universe is ever-present. The energy of the universe, Love in perfection, does not discrimintate..  Love accepts all, as Creators intention is absolute perfection in all things.  We are meerely energy sources, he youngs gods, if you will, we have manifested in form to learn this powerful lesson.  Creator is all that there is and Love is the energy of creation.

the Young Prince shows me the course of his life as directed by the curse.  I did all that was asked of me and still I didn’t get the happiness that my being craved at it’s core.  Everything that I did, actually carried me further away from what I was truly seeking, he continued.  I would never find it, he went on to say, in my quest and in the end, I destroyed everything in the process.  I awoke in this world, he said, with the feeling of entitlement.  Like I knew aabout the wonders of the universe, and that I was here in this lifetime I should experience them.  There was direction from the surroundings to live up to the external pressures of the time and so growing up the Young Prince followed instructin dutifully.  He would practice the activities placed before him and excell, but would feel nothing.

He kept looking to his teachers to show him the vast expanse of creative energy he knew existed, but they were unable to do so.  He began to resent that he couldn’t connect to the Source of all Love, in each of the experiences and would project that dissapointment onto the stuation, person, place or thing, destroying any life that once was there, he would move on.Every experience was the same in differnet cloting, but over and over the young Prince failed to take total personal responsibility for his creations and allowed them all to perish, leaving a poisoned landscape behind.

The curse, directed his quest to the outside , he looked for satisfaction there, never finding it and it destroyed all he touched.  Even at the end, with his kingdom completely barren, he sat in the dispari of his creation,seemlyingly unaware of how to bring the light and Love back in.  He had forgotten how to Love… Truth be told, in this lifetime he was never taught how and the curse blocked his ability to connect with it.

He was walking around the throne room, the movement catching my attention.  He seemed t be looking closlyat all the creacks in the walls of his chamber.  He lifted hand , holding it up against the stone has he pssed by and the room began to transform.  The walls became smooth and transparent openings materialized allowing light into the once dank quarters. He circled the room once, looking at the walls and then turned to me.

The ability to create is a gift to this energetic experience, he related.  It is an inherent certainty of existence.  There are those that would have ou believe otherwise, he tells me.  But it is true, as I have experienced it.  I am creation, he says, look at what I have just done.  I have repaired my chamber, I have brought someting into this place that hasn’t been before. I have allowed the Love that is all aournd us as energy, to manifest itself as it would if there was no other influence.  Creator only breathes perfectin into the universe, allowing thisperfectin is the key he says.

He took me to the window and we looked out across the land.  All I could see was tvast expanse of dust. Taking my hand, he looked out the window and in a b reath wee  were standingon a knoll, the castle distant in the background.  What do you see he asked me  Nothing, devoid of life this landscape was barren ,dessicated, the earth devoid of anything living.  I looked back to my guide and sayw atwinkle in his eye, along with a passing sadness, the twinkle grew to a spaikling infusin of light and colors, galaxies reflected in the pristine whie circle of his eyees.  He blinked looked at me again.

Something was different, I could smell it at first, the air had changed.  Therewas life beginning again.  with every breath an infusion of life occuring before my very eyes.  What do you see now, he asked without words.  the energy had changed dramatically, it heralded a beginning and I sank down onto what was oncehardpack, lifeless dust into a lush organic rich brown, moist earth.  Iran my fingers through the sensation of this earth and looked up to seed the young prince smiling.   I stood and wthe knoll had transformed.  The earth all around was rich and fertile and I asked what he had done.

When the curse was broken, he felt the shift witin him, he recounted.  In that moment I was released from the binds of an illusion so strong as to break m wil.  So deply imbedded, a failsafe , so as to make it themostdifficult thing one would have to do to be freee of, but in the breaking of the contract, the illuison began to melt away.  I sat there looking in your eyes, he said, wondering who this being was to ask me to take total personal responsibility for my creations.  I was so angry at that first question he said, because I had been led to believe that is what I was doing in this lifetime.  However it wasn’t until I broke the curse, and shattered thefailsafe that I was able to see just how the deception was planted.

The curse prevented me from accessing my connection to Creator, he told of it.  And in Creators perfection, the tools to see the illusion in place within All that Is  You arrived, he said, and asked me the questions  Youwanteed to see the truth so strongly that you found me, buried deep within the pshyche of mankind.  You have found me and helped me to break free.  Look around you he gestured with his arm.  Icould see hints of other colors now, coming from the rich brown of this garden.  You see, he said, the power of creation is permeates all existence, and we, being part of creation are actively participating in the Creation.

While I was cursed, I was convinced that I had no ability to have anything different than I was experiencing at the time.  I was locked into a reality that was devoid of life because I created that.  All the anger and frustration, fear, guilt, desire, greed, lack distrust that resulted from my unreqieted quest for happiness fromexternal satisfaction was all cast out into the world each time I experienced dissatisfaction.  I didn’t know what Love was, but I knew what I was looking for.  I knew that when I found it all would be right with the world and so I kept looking.  Cursed, I kept looking and looking, getting angrier and more fearful that I wouldn’t find it, the destruction taking more away and leaving less possibility.

I remember the entitlement, the feeling that I should have it, no matter what  and this combined with desire to find it just created more anger and fear.  Why was I unable to succeed in someting that I knew was possible, he asked.  Well, you brought the answer to me today.  Thank you, he intimated.  This was there plan.  Curse me so I would eventually destroy everything around me, while those that truly knew about the powers granted to all creation, stayed hidden in the shadows, casting there spells of deceit.    They, perfectly content with my misaligned intention, as it served them well in there quest for power.

Unwittingly, in selling out to the dark side curse, the Young Prince contributed his energy to fuel the dark powers of the time.  This kingdom was not the only place in the land, there were other young princes of the time and the dark side worked there magic on them as well.  But this Prince was about to become a King!  He had woken to the knowledge that he was the Creator of his experience.  He was feeling the effects of the Love that I was sharing with him and he was gathering his power back.

We looked upon the garden together and signs of life were showing everywhere the eye could see.  Tiny sprouts of intention were showing signs as seeds of intention cast onto the fertle soil.  I looked at him and he was changing before my very eyes.  There was a glow about him,  aslight irridescince.  He smiled genuinneluyand I could feel his heart for the first time.  When he spoike now, it was peaceful.

You show great promise, he said, to journey this far and through all the obstacles to arrive here you are strong my brother.  To breakthrough the chell of a man that I was  is remarkable.  Look around you and see what your Love has done.   I break into tears as the power of the moement oveerwhelms me.  I am sitting in a lush garden , filled with smells, oh the smells!  Tropical essences of gragrence  sweet and cultured  with refinement the presence me to the surroundings.  they are tendrils of sense wafting through the etheric energy that is now all around us.  The grass beneath my skin, alive with presence, actually pushing me up against the gravity of the land, actively participating in the experience of me sitting on the earth and pplying games with my weight.  I can feel little benchpresses as the balades of grass  experience  this form  sitting on them.  They are hapy to play they say, here right now only to have me sit upon them in wonder of the understandng.  They smile.  Overhead a vast sea of blue with wisps of white streaking across like ribbons of light, and angels wings  form and descends a beingof  immaculate beauty.

We share a connection this angel and I, and I cry tears of shame in its presence as his Love showers through me I am cleansed again.  I realize that I am in the presence of someting truly wonderful and a gift to my experience.  I ask to be healed…

They smile, in the one are all and I cannot distinguish male or female, so I refer to them as they…  You are healed, perfedct being.  the unhealed is the illusion.  Why do you hold sostrongly to it?  It is  my identity I have come to use.

What has it gotten you, this identity your have chosen to use.

In a flash it all goes by.  and like the young prince I can see what I have done.

You freed the Prince, dear ONe, this angel spoke in the center of my mind.  YOu sought the truth beyond all your percieved truth to find this Prince.  This is the truth and it shall set you free…  I am always here they said as they lifted out of the garden, leaving the Prince and I sitting peacefully.

What have you learned asked the prince?  For a moment, I vascilatted between the grey landscape that I could see in the backdrop of this beautful garrnden.  The garden overlaying the old, there was a choice…  While much of the garden already exists, the grey of before still part of the landscape, I deepen my resolve in the knowing of this profound truth that has been imparted to me.

The Prince looks at me, completely transformed he sits before me luminous, glowing with the colors of the rainbow… radiating Love he is Love through his entire being.  It shows and he is joyous.  You are the Creator, Marc.  You are All that Is…  Accept this, embrace this and make it a part of you.  You will never be stopped from creating, the choice is yours what you do with this.  Use this unconsciously or for the dark side and this will come to be.  The Karmic implications of these creations will return to you, so choose wisely.  You have been shown through my experience what can happen.  Take total personal responsibility for your Creations, he suggested.  Release the past, as I have done and the world opens before you.  Holding onto past misguided creations only anchors you to that timeline of discontent… let it go and accept that  you can create this garden as well.  YOu have created this garden…

Looking closer, through the shimmer the Young Prince is more energy now than form.  He begins to recite a prayer without words, the essence cast into the universe through color and vibration.  A golden white light emanating from his heart, he begins to float, shrinking into a glowing orb of luminensence I reach out and hold it in my hand.  There is peace now… The garden all around me, I sit in forgiveness, sowing the seeds of intention, infused with Love and Kindness, Compassion and Grace.

The landscape transformed, I look at my surroundings and breath in the lush possibility.  The prince’s lessons fresh on my mind, I go to my garden for deep rejuvenation, rest and forgiveness for letting go of the old is a process best accomplished in solitude, one and creator, I realign to my Authentic Self to be born anew in this present moment.  I forgive and release myself from the past and take total personal responsibility for all my creations.  I am love and kindness and a friend to all creation. In every moment I will ask, what would love do?

And the path will be clear…

Love and Kindness, Marc

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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