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Marc Titus Facebook Status Update February 27th, 2011.
It is fear of success, rather than failure that has stopped me in my tracks… No more. I have failed before, that is a familiar vibration and I am other than fearful of it. It is success, true prosperity that has eluded me and I have come to see that is what I truly feared. I release it all, on this glorious day of rebirth. I give thanks to All Creation…
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Marc pulled the ‘Intuitive Arts Guide’ card using Path of the Soul Destiny Card Reading!
Intuitive Arts Guide – Path of the Soul Destiny Card Reading
There are many forms of intuitive work being done on the planet today. Using your intuitive gifts has a large role in the work you are really here to do. There are many tasks that are undertaken which actually involve the intuitive process. Whether you paint, write music, design, raise children, waitress or give psychic readings, you are operating from an intuitive source. This guide is here to help you see that your role is important. The work you do is needed. You are in service and your intuitive knowing is strong. You are helping others to acknowledge and accept their own intuition.

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It was me all along… Blocking my endeavors. I was unable to see the last bits of sticky film that adhered to my being so tightly as to be invisible until called out. My current experience is one of such abundance and prosperity, everyday I am blessed with the knowing of this. Creation energy all around, with every breath I consciously breathe, it pours through my being infusing me with Life. That is the key, the answer… the knowing.

Prana, chi, energy, life essence… whatever one wants to call it by, the energy that manifests All is right here… we move through it as though it were water, only we are not aware of the power it truly imbues. We are energy beings beyond what the physical body and mind provide us; it is our spirit that gives us all light and life… indiscriminately. There is no holding it back, save our learned patterns and behaviors that create the clouded illusion over the truth; the veil so ever-thin, we can cross over with our breath.

Spirit is infused in All Creation, everything is this energy. Relaxing, I can see it running through me, recharging my cells, and literally stretching the DNA with every pose on the mat. Yoga, my reason for being, creates the peace in my being to manage the transitions in life. On the mat, a challenge is met with Ujjayi Breath, Victorious Breath. It is brought through a semi-closed pharynx, slight rasping sound with a visualization of the breath coming through both nostrils, centered simultaneously. With eyes closed, third eye focused intention is cast through it, focusing the mind and breath. The breath follows the mind and so intention goes to clearing the block, or challenge, and Prana infuses the affected area. Breathing through it dissolves pockets of darkness, releases the tension and allows Spirit to flow freely.

I have known this all along, but now it takes on new meaning as I embark upon my new path. It is my place, my Raison D’être. My Yoga practice has deepened again and thanks to Deva another facet just introduced to take add the depth necessary to go the next level. It was there that I saw, the cords attaching me to the past and released them. Through forgiveness taken so deeply, into the very vibration of it, is what is needed to burn the seeds of malcontent the mind so desperately holds onto. And so the past few days have transformed me, re-birthed anew, yet again. There is understanding now as I soar into the vastness of it all in Savasana at the close of my practice. All the pieces, the steps along the way, seen in the entirety of wholeness and it makes sense. All of it…

It is humbling, to be sure and deep gratitude springs forth as I sit here in post-Yoga bliss. I know what I am to do and I know how. I know it will be successful because I have journeyed down that timeline to experience it in the moment. My Yogi focus becomes laser-sharp and honed in on the path, each purposeful step taken to further the goal. The outcome released to the Highest Good of All Creation, I relax into my divinity and be… All is coming together, I remain present, aware, grateful and ready, conserving energy whenever possible so as to be ready to move at the propitious moment with Spirit flowing.

It was necessary to go that deep, into the darkness, to pull out my Soul Pieces and reclaim my power. It was there that I found my innocence, huddled in the dark… afraid, alone and crying. I pushed him away so long ago and forgot about him, until, I asked to see, I was blind to my ignorance. I have my power back now, I have reclaimed my freedom. I am again, in the right place, at the right time and with the knowing of what to do.

So, today I continue, taking it to the mat at the start of the day I am ready; One step at a time, having seen the Big Picture it becomes more peaceful inside, as I nurture the flow within me that guides my way, I open to the magnificence of All Creation.

I am the Light of this body… and I am grateful.

Love and Kindness on your Journey!


the Buffalo Diaires


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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