Releasing and Purging the Congestions

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 Releasing and Purging the Congestions

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​The past 4 days and into today, I have been releasing major congestion. The rational mind might call it sickness or the common cold or flu, but I know differently. This is a release of cellular toxins and memories that I have carried for a long time. This is the letting go of another layer of my old self and the limitations that way of being placed upon me. It is a complete purging, opening and allowing the body to process the experiences that are releasing. The important thing for me to do is just allow it to happen, without losing faith and descending. I have been doing my best, but there has been challenging times… I continue to bring my will and divinity to the situation and have begun to understand the delay in my departure.

Part of my resistance to it has exacerbated the condition, but I am over that now. I will move when the time is right, I am poised and ready, so it will be a knowing… I can sense it, and Deva has provided guidance as well. There is something to do with the Mercury Retrograde, I can see, as communication begins to open up again later this week. And since this Journey is about communicating, sharing and interacting, to depart on the retrograde of that seems other than the highest good. As I said, I am listening… And now is other than the right time for me to be on the road.

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Higher Ground - Snowbowl Ski Area, Flagstaff, AZ

Friday night, after I got home from the test ride, I was pleased with how everything rode out and I was even able to carry back to the cottage my leftover mexican pizza! Sweet, seemingly i was ready to depart, yet here it is Sunday and I am still other than feeling the energy to go yet. Back to Friday, I settled into the healing waters and began to journey on the experiences leading up to the big histamine reaction and saw that indeed there was a trigger and energy source at the root of that evil I was in the presence of last week. I saw it and saw those times in my life like that. I was determined to release all the times I had been like that and as I sat in the water, I began to see dark beings coming into the light. I opened a portal for them to cross over to source and watched as they walked into the light and over to source. There were many, large and small… one even showed up from down the street, tormenting the neighbors and then started the free-for-all… they all just started going through in a stream…

But then there was one, behemoth… lumbering and slow, plodding towards the light. He looked at me as he went by, tired he seemed, ugly in his nastiness, but I saw the light at its core… We are all from the light, I said to it… that’s where we all came from and that is where we will all ultimately return. He seemed to smile as he moved through the light. It was about that time that Archangel Michael and the Army of Angels showed up! It had been a while since we had spoke, I called out to him, sensing his presence and they appeared. They were all there, the ones I remembered from before, anyway, there were some new faces, yes… and they were all on alert for me.

Michael and I spoke for a few minutes and I asked for his assistance with protection on my journey. I asked if it was possible for my aura to be out as far around me as 100 miles and still protected, he kinda laughed, as he said of course… I took the bait, and boldly asked if I could be protected from the evils of the world and would my aura cover the entire world? Now, very serious he came in close to my face and whispered, “yes, and all it takes is Faith…” I looked into his eyes and understood.

They were gone, watching to be sure, but not right there as they were a moment before. I continued the release of those dark energies and finally it seemed to be over. I went to sleep and meditated upon Faith, as I fell asleep. Yesterday, I woke and was refreshed, but still… releasing. There was more to go, it seemed and indeed I was other than my highest self when Deva arrived with a box of my books, They arrived on Friday, very Auspicious as they came a week early, so I was very happy to see them. But there was something that wasn’t complete… Something that needed to be done, so Deva and I began collaborating on a model for compassionate incident management. We had been exploring this idea for a while, testing a few things out over the summer and it was time to get it down on paper.

And I began to understand even deeper the importance of these skills for humanity in these transformational times, as they have propelled me to the greatest understanding of myself and helped me to achieve greater peace in my life. So, I worked on it into the evening and watched a movie, just background to the release that was still occurring.

This morning brought me awake with a start… and there was much to clear before coming into clarity. But the moment the energy aligned, I was writing a draft article on Compassionate Incident Management. From our notes and talk the day before, came a collaborative effort to describe a model for anybody to use to create greater peace and prosperity in their lives by managing incidents within their lives with Spirit, Divine Guidance and the heartfelt principles of Love and Kindness, Forgiveness and Release, and Total Personal Responsibility.

This was what my body has been telling me was missing. I had not prepared enough before my scheduled departure date and so, I was given the opportunity to stay. I completely accept that now and release any and all holding onto the past and am grateful to have the additional time to work out some of the logistics of a book promotions and speaking tour. In addition to the two books and CD, I will be speaking on Compassionate Incident Management. It is something that the world needs now…

Love and Kindness,

 Releasing and Purging the Congestions

Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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