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a Soul Journey to Consciousness
The Soul Journey to Consciousness


Heroes of the Now

the Buffalo Diaries Book Excerpts

I have been the flow, calling in my teacher he returned to Sedona on the spur of the moment. Deepening the work and bringing a client over today for a first session, much is happening. My book has spiraled back into now and I have created a website and Facebook Fan Page to support the next phase. I am also documenting a 2-week guided Journey to remembering. Today is day 4, so come on over to... Read More ››

Happy, Joyous and Free!

the Buffalo Diaries Book Excerpts

I am on a quest for the Truth. My journey has led me to discover a great deal about myself and the world around me. I have come to see, know and understand many of the great mysteries that eluded me before. Why was I like that before? Why did I have troubles in various aspects of my life? Why did I feel pain and suffering? Why could I not accept or receive Love, nor give... Read More ››

Soul Retrieval Primer

the Buffalo Diaries Book Excerpts

In many belief systems, the Soul is considered to be the immortal, timeless authentic energy of an individual human being.  This energy, your authentic self, is anchored in your body through a complex network of energetic connections to your physical body of which the “chakra systems” are a part.  While it is anchored to the physical body, the soul is free to  travel or journey throughout the energy worlds, dimensions and realities that exist within and... Read More ››

Total Personal Responsibility

the Buffalo Diaries Book Excerpts

It all comes down to this… I take Total… Personal… Responsibility…  and just let that sink into the depths of your being.  What does that mean, as it courses the waterways of your entire being?  Total Personal Responsibility… Let’s get used to the resonance of this frequency and then apply it to all of our thoughts… words…  and actions.  Wow!  Now that is profound! This is an affirmation to your Soul that you are waking up.... Read More ››

Releasing the Darkness

the Buffalo Diaries Book Excerpts

They came to me in a dream… I was clearing my energy from the journey out of the house that afternoon.  Connecting to the earth, grounding and soaring out into the etheric fields when the vision appeared. Out of the fog they rode dark and on horseback… jet black armor and armed to the teeth.  They startled me I will say. Enough to sink into a tai chi stance of readiness, poised for fight or flight,... Read More ››

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