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Final Test Pack on the Trusty Steed

Awakening to the dawn of a new day, I stir, luxuriating in the cool canyon air that has permeated my cottage by the creek. I feel my body, healed through the night, the congestion has left… the source removed. My affirmations as I went to sleep last night, “already healed, I am healthy, whole and complete, a divine light shining bright and strong.” My dream state was very peaceful, without plunder. The darkness has receded, cleared from my body, mind and spirit. Consciously, I roll around, stretching the muscle fibers and feeling the roughness of the sheets on my skin and the kiss of breathe from the air outside. I am healed of all the ills of the past.

I got up, made tea and enjoyed a smoke on the patio overlooking Oak Creek. The dawn’s early light, providing an ever-brightening experience, I closed my eyes and opened all my senses. Glorious the prana of the canyon, jubilant in its efficacy for renewal, the canyon and I communed. I lifted up and soared with the angels into the circle of heaven’s welcoming embrace. Senses heightened and completely aware, a small pure voice, spoke to me with integrity and grace. “You did this…”

And I was back, standing tall on the edge of the overlook, smoke and steam from my tea wafting into the heavens, I reveled in the sensations coursing through my being. Bliss… and understanding, deep and meaningful had enveloped me. I was complete in that moment, everything was there as I rode on the currents of Universal Creation Energy. Feeling the vibration of Love in my heart, i began to move again, deliberately… purposefully I move with the Divine Intelligence that exists all around me.

It was me all along…

I dared to have something different. There was something deep inside me that wanted to get out and I listened. The life I was living was devoid of any true spiritual recognition and it haunted me daily. In the midst of it, journeying back, I remember always looking out for the solution, expecting someone else to make a change to remedy whatever dissatisfaction I was entertaining at the time. And I was constantly met with failure, misery and suffering. I made do, but I was other than happy and certainly not blissful.

So, when the Call came, I did answer and I proceeded to make the changes necessary in my life for me to experience the vastness of the Universe, to find Spirit and come into wholeness as a spiritual being in human form. I know of things, as I did back then, but now they are my way of life. They form my very experience and create peace in my world and surroundings. I made the difference and make a difference every day. I create my reality with my thoughts, words and actions. My life is peaceful, serene and calm. I am healthy, whole and complete, My energy is balanced and vibrant with the resonance of the Universe… with Creator.

And so I understand now that I was in the making all along. I have called this a Love story like no other because that is what it has turned out to be. I found Love, the vibration of the Universe, through a process of releasing the past through forgiveness, by bringing myself to wholeness with Soul Retrieval and reprogramming my mind to align with new thoughts rooted in Kindness and Compassion, Dignity and Grace. I have exonerated myself from past indiscretions and allowed myself to become what I truly desire . No longer, will I kowtow to the institution that molded that other me. I have earned my Freedom to choose and reclaimed my Will. It is mine, the power of choice and the Will to use it.

What a wonderful morning this has been, writing, tea… a soak in the healing well water, a blessing baptism before my day begins. I am on the journey, my first destination… Oak Creek Canyon. Connecting even deeper to this energy, I release even more and come into greater clarity. I just spent the last hour meditating by the creek, soaking up the healing energy of the sun, wind and flowing water.

Yesterday, I took it easy all morning after eating a nourishing breakfast of muesli, milk and honey, then took the bike up to Flagstaff to do some laundry and have a nice lunch. I ate the provisions from my travel kit and wore my full riding gear for the first time. There were some things that need working out, so today I am loading up completely… Then up to Flagstaff for a few hours to test ride the full load. Perhaps up to the ski resort for some higher ground! It is a beautiful day and my energy is high, my body continues to heal and I am grateful for the experience that has presented itself.

Letting go of preconceived notions and allowing the energy to dictate current experiences, choices and actions is what this lifestyle is all about. And so I honor my Higher Consciousness for knowing what is best and for showing me the way. In my divinity exists a perfection that is unbound by anything that has come before. It is a direct connection to the Creator of All that Is and I am grateful that I am on this path. My life has meaning that actually means something… I will dwell on that today as I ride, the wind blowing residual blocks away from my body as they come to the surface for release. Riding does that… Puts me in a meditative state, often reciting an affirmation or mantra over and over… Clearing and releasing as I ride… Awesome!

A lovely Fall day, I am reminded of the time of year and my energy is beginning to align again for departure. I received information today that Mercury goes direct this weekend, for improved communications… for speaking AND being heard… Valuable information it all is and my Authentic Self knows what to do with it. I’ll just get my mind out of the way and move with the movement of ethers and all will be, just as it is to be.

Love and Kindness everyone!


 Only you...

Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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