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2010 11 09 13 44 25 23 300x229 New Moon IntentionsIt is the new moon and powerful intuitions have been coming through. I know what I am to do these next few weeks as I plant my seeds of intention. The creation energy is very palpable and I worked with it all day yesterday, even though a hit came through the night trying to sway my energy, but I stayed the course bringing Love and Creativity to my day.

I can see now what Deva has observed is true. She has described the forces of energy that would occupy time with thoughts, words or action that are other than Loving and kind. These inauthentic influences do not have to corrupt the experience and I merely need to identify when it is happening to bring consciousness to it and exercise my free will to choose.

And I choose Love… and with that comes creativity and all the other wonderful aspects of the Loving Timeline. So, I find myself awake again at an early hour, a disturbance in the field, so I reclaim my power and create. The time I wish to occupy is right now and in this moment I continue to sow my seeds of intent into the Universe. The energy is ripe for my Creations this morning and I infuse them with this beautiful new moon experience. These seeds will grow to harvest at the full moon in a few weeks time.

I am a Creator of my reality, with my thoughts, words and actions and I choose them wisely and with much consciousness. I am focused and with purposeful intent I infuse my surroundings with my Light, as I make my experience come to pass. The journey continues and in this moment I see that I am in the midst of an amazing opportunity. I am grateful…

I choose to occupy my time with great joy and freedom to move with the beat of the Universe. I only accept the Highest Good and I allow this to occur in my Life. Every experience is perfect. So, I continue to Create.

The journey is shifting now into a creative mode… Heroes of the Now will be releasing soon and there is likely to be another book come from this journey. I say book, however I am open to what that looks like in the new paradigm of internet communication. I will do my part, which is to stay clear and present, listening to my Higher Consciousness to allow the energy to flow through me, onto the page.

This Journey of Soul has taken me all across the western US… 8 states, 1 province, with well over 5000 miles ridden so far. It continues in perpetuity… It will never stop. Now, realizing that I am better able to continue. No matter what I am doing or how cyclical the Journey seems it always continues. Whether I am on the road or at my home base in Sedona… It continues.

Every moment that I am alive, awake and aware my experience is the Journey. Oft times I have commented that one doesn’t have to leave the living room to be on the path. Ultimately, Soul experiences are happening at all times, merely changing our perspective shifts our consciousness to see this. In fact, much of my training occurred in my living room… while others were opting for power places like India, Tibet or Thailand, I stayed home and did the internal work first. Granted, I was living in Sedona, AZ at the time… A powerful geographical place to be, but I still maintain that the True Journey to Conscious only occurs wherever one finds themselves.

Recognizing this creates a powerful dynamic within ones being and with a strong will to choose can bring about the desired state of Consciousness. So, right now in the midst of this new moon energy plant your seeds of intention. Decide what you wish to create in your life right now, where you are in this moment and sow them into fertile soils that you create with your awareness. Choose wisely your thoughts, words and actions and take total personal responsibility for them, knowing that they create your reality. Walk the path to higher ground with your every action, in every moment and your life will become what you desire.

The way is clear if we want it to be. If we do the work to reclaim our power and lost energy we can see the Loving Timeline exists all around us. It has and will always be there. We can experience a life that is pain-free and without suffering, managing the little, and big, incidents compassionately and with heart-centered living, we become our Authentic Self, the magnificent Spiritual Being in these body clothes. It is all available to each and every one of us on the planet today. We can break free from the limitations of the past and are at the tipping point of a new Reality…

What do you choose, Love or Fear? Make the choice, consciously in every moment and you will see this new Reality begin to take form all around you. It is magical and filled with miracles and prosperity… True health, wealth and happiness all available to the conscious being. Now is the time to begin and take action. Be your highest vibration in every moment, be Love and Kindness and share it with all Creation and your experience will change. You have the power… Now, will you use it?

Much Love and Kindness,


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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