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Blurry Steed 300x122 Moving into the CityAs my Journey continues, the story unfolds in a new way… I am being moved again, right to where I need to be for the next phase. Expansion continues I can now report on a hypothesis made a while back… It is that easy, now anyway, as it wasn’t in the beginning, that is for sure. But it got easier, with time and practice, eventually becoming a way of being. Now, as my life is unfolding in a new way, I see the blessing and the divine in all things.

Spirit has the helm now and it is through this higher consciousness connection that mind and body are experiencing life right now. There has been such a release of the perception of control, a letting go into the depth of each moment of experience, that another epiphany has come. Mind and body are alert and well-trained now to stay present and conscious in these moments of transition. Change is a Universal phenomenon, occurring in perpetuity and for all time. “ Who am I to hold onto anything?“, I asked and something let go within me.

Preparing now, for the next phase, I find myself deeply introspective and in my cave. The uncovering continues, and I am taken into even deeper places than ever before. Something is happening, a complete transformation is coming to a close and the next phase brings me into a whole new environment. Soon, I will be moving to West Hollywood/Beverly Hills… I am, really! I laugh right now as the cosmic humor rolls out of my belly in deep resonant bellows.

Now, this is what I was seeing! And I continue to be… in the right place, at the right time and with the presence to see and feel what is going on. Spirit guided through intuition and knowing as the path unfolds is exhilarating and filled with wonder and joy. The things that seemed important so long ago, proven not as the divine plan unfolds. Creator took me on a Journey into the depths of my creations, allowing me to sift through the rubble and learn.

The beginning of the hero’s journey is marked by a realization, i have called them epiphanies and when they come, they indelibly mark our being in such a profound way as to cause a pronounced shift. Nothing will ever be the same as we move into the new with steadfast resolution to move beyond the current experience. This shift quickens the pulse and brings the energies into alignment for massive vibrational change. You feel it, the life force flowing through you and this awareness lifts you out of the mire of current matters and into a new experience. This is the Journey of a Lifetime and Heroes borne from it.

Out of the ashes, right? The phoenix rises… that is how the old mythology tells of the struggle, but what of the challenges of our times? These are the waters everyday heroes are navigating right now. Moving through an unreality so strongly entrenched and so incredibly unnatural as to boggle the soul of each and every one of us who are coming to be free? Life experiences predicated upon by a societal consciousness perpetuated by lack and greed, fear and self-hatred, guilt and shame. Yet these heroes are releasing themselves from this grip and moving into higher states of consciousness.

You are the hero of your Journey! As am I, of mine… When we decide that whatever is or has happened, is of no material to us anymore save for the life lessons gleaned, then we become free… freer at least, as it is a process! Presence comes and a richer view begins to unfold…

As we continue to flow throughout this experience, it is important to acknowledge what you have been through to get to this place. Whether you are well on your way or just realizing your epiphany… take a moment to allow the present state of affairs to be. Don’t judge or try to fix it… Don’t act upon it at all, even in your mind, just allow your breath and consciousness to be full and heightened. In this awareness, rise up now, out of the experience and breathe… when you return from this mini-meditation, choose a higher consciousness and move into the light. If you want out, that is the way.

When something arises to challenge us, we can relax rather than react… If we can train ourselves to be watchful and alert, present, then a heightened experience is inevitable. Yoga is my access point, breath my inspiration and Spirit my guide. In the stillness, comes the inner peace and tranquility that makes it all possible. The Journey is arduous but it can be easier… when we learn to allow it to be.

Let it begin… One of the first things you can do for yourself is decide. Right now. By following this link and leaving your name and email, you will receive a free link to the 2-week Journey to Remembering, excerpted from my book Heroes of the Now. Many have reported it as being a life-changing 2 week experience. Give yourself an opportunity to expand and receive a higher view. You will remember and you will have an exceptional life experience. The choice is yours, perhaps it is easier now…


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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