Little Hawk Returns

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Marc wedding drumming 199x300 Little Hawk ReturnsI thought about the Dance today as I caught myself moving in front of a window’s reflection. I haven’t gone into the studio in a very long time, but the moves seem to still be with me. It is an awareness of my form that caught my attention. I also saw it in the pictures from the wedding last month. My posture has completely changed and the way I move is much different. So, I can see the Dance is still with me, as I have said before, moving to the beat of the Universe. Resonant in my heart, when I am there…completely in the moment, I dance.

I have come to understand that a Shaman dances on the equals sign of E=MC². When I first envisioned this, I saw him dancing between realities, in the realms navigating energy and spirit. It was a beautiful, yet distinctly masculine dance with a heavy back beat… Lively one moment, then into absolute stillness the next. Hovering over an entire dimension sensing before swooping in to retrieve lost energy. It all comes back to me…
It was January 2009. I asked for a sign, so to speak. I was en route to spend some time alone, when I drove by something on the freeway. At 60 mph and traffic, my eyes spotted a small bird in the middle turning lane. One-second, two, three… the brakes came on, and I spun a U-turn before my body caught up. Go back and free his spirit… Parked now, I darted across the 2 lanes into the median and laying there peacefully was an American Kestrel. I picked him up carefully and ran back to the truck. I laid him to rest and continued on my way, completely in the experience. I got a download of information that day. And so began my Shamanic Journey, the day I consciously understood what I was to do.

This beautiful bird, passed on moments before I arrived. It was the sign I was looking for and now some 20 months later I see… I remember being amazed that the feathers on the breast were speckled with hearts… just like this —> ♥❤. Blessings, many blessings were spoken and held for this Authentic Spirit who chose to impart wisdom to me in the way he did. And now, does again.

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As I saw the Shaman dancing here just now, it came to me. I had briefly forgotten that it was a kestrel which made me go to the bird guide. I remember that it could hover and was one of the smallest falcons there is. The book revealed It was formerly known as “sparrow hawk”…

I am that Shaman dancing between worlds, Little Hawk.

So, indeed I still dance with the Divine. There is rhythm and measure, timing and a beat, all flowing through me, all around me… everywhere. When my mind is at peace, very still I feel it. In the early days it took much to get to the place, but now… I am there, more than I am not. There is peace, a harmony within me that most of the time is strong and vibrant. When it is not, I know to go internal and find the source, retrieve my power and forgive and release the entirety of it. Power resides within this breath I take right now. And in that breath is everything, the information that infuses my being is available to you all right now. Reach for that still point, always within your experience and your life will change.

There will be less of what challenges you and more of what satisfies your Soul. The rhythm is there, I can attest to that! It is the stillness that is forever challenged by much of our societal ways and conditioning. But, want it… and it is there. One must only shed the layers that obscure it from view. Peel the onion, keep going until there are no more… Don’t stop until you have understood the Truth. And that dear Friends is what will set us all free…

In the rhythm and breath, now there lies Divine Intelligence. Access to Creator, Source and All that Is. Everything is there and if consciousness is brought into the moment, we can sense this intelligence. It will come as a knowing, like no other feeling you could describe, you will know. All the ills of the World now could be healed in moments if more understood this. It is the way to Higher Ground. Humanity will get it… ultimately, we will all return to the Light, but I see us… Human Beings getting it.

So, I have been chosen, made my peace and stood before Creator and the Circle of Heaven to ordain into a life of Spirit. I have become…

Love and Kindness
Little Hawk

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 Little Hawk Returns

Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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