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In the Argentine Tango, being that it is an improvisational dance, there is the space to breathe between the notes. I can hover, while the music plays on, holding steady and listening for the next step to take, then moving to the rhythm again. So like my life the Dance is and vice versa, the Dance is Life. There is something really profound shifting within me… Much of what used to fracture my experience no longer affects me like it used to and my ability to keep the fabric of my reality whole is increasing. There is an inner peace movement that is gathering even more momentum as I expand into higher states of consciousness and a corresponding reality that has opened before my senses.

The Journey, I am reminded, is on-going and never ending. There is always a breath to take and the Rhythm of the Universe is always pulsing, providing the beat for the steps to unfold. If I listen, I will know those steps. If I don’t… Well, let’s just say that being on the Loving Timeline is a Joyous experience, the connection to Source evidenced by feeling and knowing, but once off the timeline, it is very apparent. Things go grey and lifeless, there is angst and fear when the vibration descends. It is so obvious… Now it is, anyway. But before, I knew not the difference and believed that was my reality, living within the confines of the darkness completely unaware of my True Power.

Today, it is raining in Sedona… I sit listening to the Canyon Trilogy by R. Carlos Nikai at my marble top desk facing the direction of my Health and looking out the open window to feel the purification that is occurring today. I release into these cleansing waters coming from the Heavens my deepest holding on. The oldest belief… The one that held that other world together, I release it now. Into every droplet that I see in the Heavenly Shower outside I allow any density that matches not the Loving Timeline to release from my entire being… mind, body and spirit. I let it go… There is nothing that supersedes Love. It is all there is, the Source Creator endowing each and every one of us with that spark within. It is up to us to fan it into flame, eventually to burn up the seeds of malcontent strewn within and onto the brilliant golden white light of a strong connection to Source.

I know that I am the embodiment of the Original Creator of my Soul. I know this physical world is but a mere fraction of the spectrum of All that Is. I know that I am the Creator of my Reality and I know that I have the Free Will to choose. I know that when I am on the Loving Timeline, all is aligned and my connection to Source brings all the provisions for my worldly experience. I know this deeply and in my heart, I know the feeling of it

Two days ago, after moving some huge energy out of the house, I got bumped. It actually happened really fast and before I knew it I was in a despicable place. Everything was dark. At first I was aware of the slip, as though a fork in the road had presented and I was hovering between the two choices… Love or Fear. After much practice, comes the ability to understand the dialogue upon shamanic review of the situation and I can report that there is a dialogue that occurs whether we know it or not. This or that… this or that… Insert the choice and if we can truly look into the depths of the situation, we will see at the root of the choice is Love or Fear. And if we come clean with ourselves we can recognize that one makes us feel good and the other creates a descension of our frequency.

This is the point of recognition, the place to hover between the notes and observe the bigger picture. Here is where the opportunity to heal is presented and with compassion, we can Journey to the root cause and recover our power to heal these wounds. Forgiveness and release… Deep, loving forgiveness is the balm that soothes the irritated sensations as the power comes back and release the decision to let it go. This is the Shamanic Path… the way to Freedom and Ascension to higher vibrations of reality.

I missed it the other day… And the descension was immediate and I spent the better part of that day in an ugly place. It happens. I recognized it.


this always happens in my writing… when I get something I am shown… in this situation at the end of that last sentence the number show… 11 and 777, both significant to me numerologically…

Briefly, I will say about the experience this. It hurt. Thoughts, words and actions were predominantly other than Loving and Kind. Interactions with others were difficult. I was emotionally drained and felt despair. For a while, this was all there was… I was scattered and couldn’t find peace. I bounced around trying to find something that wasn’t accessible to me from the place I was vibrating. My energy was so far from the Loving Timeline that I couldn’t see what I knew was out there. Finally, I stopped completely and asked sincerely for help. I remember just before Deva started to work saying, “I am other than going back there…”

I cried and cried and cried myself to laughter as the tears turned to Joy in the release and the Loving Timeline appeared all around me as my vibration came up to match it. Whew! But it wasn’t over yet as the descension had taken a physical toll on my body and I spent yesterday in a state of ‘limbo’ as the release continued. The difference was that I saw it as a release and allowed the dense sensations to completely leave my being. I stayed aligned to the Loving Timeline by steering clear of the denser thoughts in my head and allowed the knowing through Source to guide my actions. I moved slowly and healed, treating myself with Love and Compassion.

Late in the day it happened, as I was returning from the Village of Oak Creek, driving past the magnificent red rock panorama, I had a conversation with an Angel and all was clear. I am the release of all that was, stepping into this moment conscious, present and aware of only the Loving Timeline. I am the movement of consciousness through thought into form as I breathe the breath of Spirit into Being… I am part of the whole and the entirety is within me accessed through stillness and dematerialization. I am the Higher Consciousness; the current in the wire running Love throughout my experience.

Cascading sheets of desert rain wash away the tears… Into the crunchy leaves the moisture goes to assist with the Heavenly process of recycling the energy of old. Desiccated leaves turn soft as they release into the soil to birth new life, Love bursts forth from rejuvenated earth to bring the spring flowers and I sigh with Joy in the knowing

Much Love and Kindness on your Journey,

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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