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"Eye of God"

Time stands still within the depth of breath and an awakening of Spirit arises from the inner peace brought by this silence.  Focus on the breath and all fades away, the mind quiets and becomes deep, clear blue, beckoning, calling out to follow even further…  Where it takes you must be experienced directly.  No one can tell you how it feels.   The ancients tell us this, as do I, a modern yogi in a technological era.

If you are reading this and it resonates with you then you have found something that supports your quest.  What is it you seek?


  • More clarity?
  • More peace?
  • Better personal or business relationships?
  • A better job?
  • More money or greater prosperity?


Whatever you think you desire right now is all possible to be true, yet the way we have been taught to get to it is a bit backwards and has caused much consternation in the world today.  There was much competition in the world that I grew up in, my training ground, yet God knows no lack.  Are you kidding me?  This is an infinite Universe and the resources we have here on this planet abundant.

Competition is contrived, created by a system that either misunderstood or was wracked with greed and intolerance.  Regardless, that must change within you if you truly want what you seek.  The programming that you underwent must be cleared and new ways of seeing and interacting with the world must be created within your energetic signature in order for you to have the new experience you desire.

Perhaps you have been “successful”.  Perhaps you have all that you ever wanted, the job, the money, the house, the wife and kids… but yet there is still an emptiness.  Perhaps, even you contemplate leaving that all for something different… hmmm.  Let me guess, a new job… a new wife… a new house or toy…  I know this because that was my life and for many years that is what I did.  Nope!  No glory.  Still deeply dissatisfied… This pattern is one that is rooted in the material world or the external senses and the sages of old all say that is not the way to freedom.  And so do I… from direct personal experience.

Again, you must experience what they are talking about before it becomes clear.  Otherwise… the cycle continues.

In the eye of the hurricane is what?

Stillness, a calm in the center of massive chaos…

Aspire to this.  No matter what is happening in your world right now, find the eye of your storm, your center and journey there.  Take a deep breath and you have begun.  Stop believing all that is bombarding your senses, even if just for a moment and begin to feel deep inside you.  Allow your conscious act of breathing right now to transport you out of that storm and into the center of your being.

Trust me, everything looks different from here and in this calm you will find your way.  All the answers that you seek are in this place and if I can get here, so can you.

And it all begins with one, single, conscious breath…

Find yours and you have found your inspiration!

As always, I am here when you need me.

Aho!  Mitakuye Oyasin.

Marc Titus, the Modern Yogi

 Inner Peace

Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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