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I am so grateful as I sit here this morning to post this new entry to the Buffalo Diaries! It comes in the moments of stillness, the knowing of what to do, so 2 days after my last post, I set about to clear some energy that was holding me back. I saw where it was blocking my connection to Source and I went in with all my Shamanic tools. The room hadn’t been used in a while and much energy of the past was pooled in the stagnant space. Things began whirling when I set about to clear it and much was forgiven. The blocks began to recede and the vibration began to lift.

Energy is always moving, even when in stillness there is the flow from Source… movement and as I began to bring movement to a place where it had been absent for so long many things shifted and the vibration continued to rise up into the Higher Consciousness. When I brought my computer in, albeit a little too soon, the energy zapped my hard drive. Phhhhhht… There were initial reports of the logic board plus all that entailed, so I left my computer at the Mac Clinic in Sedona and allowed for the highest good. These past days have been spent working the vibrational reality and honing in on the higher frequencies of consciousness. New understandings and continued healing has brought me to another place of discovery.

I know the importance of maintaining the highest vibration at all times and understand the nature of flow much better now. It came from the Journey, this peaceful knowing that if I let it, all aligns to the Loving Timeline, providing the perfect experience in every moment. There is much appreciation in this way of being and the presence brought about by the practice it requires is quite exhilarating. Everything is possible and those possibilities are infinite and attainable by those who choose to take total personal responsibility for every thought, word or action they have ever created or are creating right now in this current moment.

This is the place where Creation begins. It feels like life is overflowing, radiant, abundant, PURE. There is depth in the stillness of these calm waters of thought and in the letting go of those that do not serve the higher good, comes that stillness. In the flow there is only the highest good for all of Creation. It really does feel good and that is the place to create a life experience… These past few days have shown me what can be accomplished by going to the highest vibration of consciousness before anything else. I have come to say that is my first responsibility before anything else and have seen the difference it makes in the interactions and experiences of a day. Coming into higher consciousness brings source connection and that is what brings about the Authentic Experience.

My thoughts are inspirations when I am in this place I am describing. Everything is attainable and I remember how it all works. I know when I am here, as it does feel really good, but there are other signs as well. Synchronicity is one of them, meetings and experiences that are divinely aligned. It is an adventure in a reality that is molded by my own interaction with it. I have experienced this as an energetic fact and it is very much my reality now. This is a place of highly charged prana and possibilities. Here is the place of sonnets and breezeways, lichen and redwoods, crystal clear water and air as crisp as fall’s breath. This is the Divine and it is the Authentic Experience. Everything is perfect…

Moment to moment diligence and knowing when I am other than in the flow and what to do to get back in is what it has taken to secure this cohesive and consistent experience. I have found that the only effort that is necessary is to get into this stream of consciousness, this place of knowing and connection to Source… the rest comes from it. It was the hardest lesson, my mind always wanting to take me on some ride away from the work, but in seeking the Truth I have seen it now in my own way. My efforts are effortless when I am on the Loving Timeline and my actions, borne of pure thought and intention move me towards the highest good for all Creation. I am aligned with my Soul’s purpose and knowing this I am always in the right place at the right time with the presence to know what to do. I am divinely guided to action through inspiring feelings that I choose to nourish with my Love for All Creation. My consciousness raises consciousness around me and my vibration is a magnetic frequency that attracts like vibration to me.

The experiences show the way and once one learns what to look for, that miraculous adventure begins and spectacular things happen exposing an energetic reality that is undeniable. This, where it all happens in its quantum way, is our life experience that promises to be radically different if we choose to experience it another way. I have… and what a difference it has made.

How about you? Have you noticed a shift in your experience? Achieved higher states of consciousness recently? Or become aware of something new that forced a hard look at your current belief system? There is much pointing the way to this experience right now and it feels as though the world is waking up and remembering. Do you want to create lasting life-change drawn from direct and personal experiences that bring you to a more authentic understanding of yourself?

This is all possible right now and with focused intention all things are possible. I know where to apply my energies and I do so bringing about these remarkable experiences. The adventure continues and the Buffalo Diaries continues to grow.

Much Love and Kindness,

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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