Higher Ground (Part 3)

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When the Student is ready the Teacher appears… So true isn’t it? Many times in my life, I have noted this and acknowledged my role as both student and teacher along the way. We are all students of life experience and become teachers when the need arises, often sharing experience and wisdom of lessons learned to those in our midst at the time. Very informal an arrangement this is and relatively benign, if you consider the ramifications. Relating an experience of growth to another in this way, peer to peer doesn’t presuppose a student/teacher relationship, yet one is certainly offering to teach another from their experience. The choice to learn is personal and the teacher, having nothing personally invested can offer the teaching without expectation. This is clean, I think, and in the realm of spiritual growth where the lessons are so very personal non-attachment to the outcome is very important for the one imparting the teaching.

Then there is the formal Student/Teacher relationship, where both understand the relationship and the roles of student and teacher. The teacher, generally speaking, having attained some level of mastery in the subject area is supposed to know what’s best for the student. In this type of relationship, the student turns over to the teacher a part of themselves for the teacher to mold and sculpt into the desired outcome. In the case of Spiritual teaching this can have a profound effect on both, as I have seen that both student and teacher are offered opportunities for growth in the relationship.

Trust is such an important factor in this type of spiritual relationship and as such, at the very least the Teacher must maintain the highest levels of integrity and honor. The teacher must have experienced all facets of the experience they are teaching and most importantly healed many aspects of the human condition or be willing to constantly look at themselves and their behavior ever watchful for breaks in integrity. They must be able to see their own internal challenges, identified them and insure they don’t get projected onto the student. And here lies the conundrum, as projections by their very nature cannot be recognized as projections until the one projecting becomes conscious of the condition. (Jungian Psychology)

So, if a teacher has internal struggles with particular aspects of their life that have not been healed, there is risk of projection and a break in integrity. This can come in many shapes and sizes, but when identified must be addressed for the relationship to grow. Projections can go both ways to be sure and sometimes the student begins the relationship with a projection of sorts… “This person is a teacher, they can help me…” and so it may begin. So, both student and teacher must be aware of projections and guard against these occurrences for a healthy student/teacher relationship.

And so it goes, the teacher imparting wisdom and guiding the student towards that desired state of being and the student progressing (or not….) along the path. If a student shows particular signs of expansion, a teacher may begin to see a potential in the student to outgrow the relationship, perhaps even surpassing the teacher in knowledge and understanding. Is this a reflection of the teacher? the student? Does it matter?

Indeed, it does, as all teachers will at some point face the fact that their students will grow beyond what they can teach. Or the student may hold a different level of integrity and begin to see the teachers unresolved, or shadow side. It is at this point that something truly amazing can happen…. By letting go of their ego, a teacher may see the juxtaposition of student to teacher experience in any particular area and then comes a choice.

But the teacher must be open to even seeing this dynamic… I have met teachers that are all about themselves and have no interest in opening to the possibility that their student may have uncovered a very important lesson for them. However, it does happen all the time I do believe. Especially at this time of great change. Many of the teachers right now are from a different generation and each generation has their own idiosyncrasies and foibles. They have a different way of looking at the world, as was developed through their life experience. Each generation has these characteristics and each must choose to overcome them at some point to fully move into the expansive energetics that are available to us today.

If the teacher is open, they have an opportunity to understand something about themselves from the student and then that choice… What to do with it? Ascended beings, those that have truly cultivated the higher vibrations of Love and Kindness would welcome this, in my opinion, maximizing the opportunity for continued spiritual growth and development. They would encourage their students to reach their greatest potential even if it means the student may surpass the teacher. But, isn’t that the point, I ask?

A teacher should be ready for this, I think. They should welcome and embrace the day that the student, now the teacher stands up with sovereignty and Authentic Power, having come to know themselves enough to even do so. And if they don’t… What happens? Well, you can imagine the many challenging scenarios that could come of this.

I remember back to my corporate days, as a manager and supervisor it was such a joy to mentor and coach (teach) staff on my team to their fullest potential and support them as they worked through the issues of the day. I was thrilled to see them grow and challenge their environment, including me. I welcomed it and when they surpassed my level of knowledge, I celebrated this with them as they promoted in their careers, even becoming supervised by one as he was selected over me to manage the work group. It is all part of it… Student, teacher then reversed. I have come to expect it…

Every moment is a lesson, a choice… whether I move more towards Truth, Higher Consciousness and my Authentic Self or the other… One raises my vibration, giving more life and vitality, the other brings suffering. I have come to see this and it is fully in my awareness now. I know myself quite well now and that is what all the teachers I have come across are purporting. Know thyself…

And so when one comes to that understanding and a being of the Light passes judgement, belittles, ridicules or otherwise degrades the experience then meet the onslaught with Love and Kindness. If they suggest making a permanent split, recognize this is likely the best choice and forgive and release them from your experience and move on. That is the sign, for now you have found your greatest teacher of all. You. And in this discovery, you can bring compassion and understanding to the situation, knowing that like yourself, other beings of the Light can be influenced or “hit” by darker influences, thereby affecting the way they interact with the world around them.

You can share compassion and Love with them as they once did with you. You can forgive them and see them for their Authentic being. Even though it may no longer be safe to continue the relationship as it once was, you have the power of choice, as always and you can share Love with them and all creation just the same. Rise up, be strong, pray for them and hold them in your thoughts with the highest regard… with compassion and gratitude, as they too can choose… and someday they will turn away from those dark influences and return fully to the path of Love.

We are all in this together and holding Love, compassion, or forgiveness from any being is harmful to the self and the whole of All that Is. So, Share Love with any you feel have done you wrong… Forgive them completely, send them Total Personal Responsibility, Love and Kindness and in doing so you are creating a stronger connection to your Authentic Self and that makes all the difference…

I am grateful to all my teachers… Thank you for your wisdom.

Love and Kindness

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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