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81 300x174 Heroes of the NowI drew this card this morning… It is very revealing to me at this time, as I have been working on releasing all to the Highest Good and staying in the flow of All Creation. It is working, I can see and I will say again… the work, works! Aligning to my Higher Consciousness in all situations creates a unity that I have experienced all along the way. I set my intentions and planted the seeds during the new moon energy and I can already feel them growing. Peaceful and easy experiences have followed as I carry presence into each moment.

It is in this situational awareness that the really fun things happen. The adventure of it all lies in the discovery of the present. This is truly the birthplace of creation. There is nothing but the pure happening in this now awareness. There is notion of duality, as we experience life in that place, however we also have the Higher Consciousness who, if we let it, will take us to our very highest and best good. Knowing this has changed my life and I have let go of much of the past. My backstory no longer dictates who I am right now. Rather I am my Authentic Self and conscious to the goings on about me.

Now, I can acknowledge those things I have done and accomplished because they have all led to this place. It was that I applied my energies to someone else’s experience, yet now I give all of my attention to the Loving Timeline. Here, I have manifested and created much in this duality and I see that it is in the connection to All that Is, Oneness, or the absence of duality, that the creations are born. I understand the quote, “in the world, but not of it…” Not of the duality, yet in duality. These body clothes a mere representation of the higher energies that our Soul dwells in, the latter capable of many super-human deeds, and the former the sometimes barrier…

It is in this energetic fact that the answer to all the quandaries of mankind exist. Every human being on the planet today has access to this experience and yet the majority of people today are completely unaware of this possibility. It is such an adventurous way to approach life and I must say that I have had said adventures. So, who am I? In these writings, I have described my coming into this calling, but I have been asked, “Where did you come from and why did you do this?”

Part of the process of ascension into higher frequencies of existence is releasing the past and I am here to say, I have done the majority of this processing. Yes, there is more to go and I am systematic about it now, but the Lion’s share is released. This has allowed the experiences I have been having through my connection to my Authentic Self, manifesting much through the creative energy that surrounds us. Now that it has been released I am able to look at it more objectively and other than connect to those frequencies as my own anymore. In other words, it is safe to talk about again because I have let go of my connection to it. It is who I was, but not who I am…

Heroes of the Now is that story and I am about to release it under Thematic Solutions Publishing. It is the story of where I came from and the early part of my three and a half year Sedona Story. It tells of the old ways and how I recognized them to be outmoded. It reveals more about my early days and how I physically broke from the sheer pressure of self-made demands that went against my highest good. It is a coming to the Truth of myself and learning about who I am in this world that we live in.

I am very excited now that it is coming out, merely a year after I began writing it. It has been complete now for several months, but I have been waiting for the signal to move ahead on it. Received, loud and clear! Now I go about the tasks associated with going to print. The copyedit should be complete upon my return to Sedona. There is much coming into alignment now and I am grateful. This, too is fulfillment of a vision I had many months ago and in this Being is knowing, and then I Create.

That is the adventure! Being… And it is a remarkable story, the doing and I tell it with great enthusiasm. Those that I have met along the way will attest to that. So, now I create in the doing of the current steps and Heroes of the Now is the newest release in this life adventure. I am excited to write these words and thankful to all of you out there who have supported me along the way. Your comments are inspiration and your words very touching. As I prepare to depart from Hollywood, I continue to listen and am poised to act when the knowing occurs.

It continues to be a beautiful experience and everywhere I go the sun is shining…

Much Love and Kindness,


 Heroes of the Now

Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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