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There is much Love here now, flowing abundantly through me. I see that so clearly, as the last remaining concrete buttresses come collapsing down. As the dust is settling, a more expansive view is afforded at every turn. Those ways didn’t work, you have heard me say it before, and they must change. It seems that my desire to change my outside world, continued to be externally focused in some areas of my life and much like a projection, I was unable to acknowledge this until I was able to see the system for myself. A projection is an alternate reality, fabricated by the mind and executed in time by unconscious thoughts, words and actions that align to the projection rather than real reality. As you readers know, I have postulated that the Loving Timeline is real reality and if I am other than experiencing it, something is amiss.

Interesting thing about projections is once we see the alternate reality and disavow our participation in it, we can begin to get our power back from the system and start seeing clearer choices for the Highest Good, which ultimately results in moving to a higher frequency of experience. As this process builds in momentum, personal sovereignty begins to return and it becomes easier to actually make those choices, fearless in the knowledge that fear is a part of the system we are distancing ourselves from. Do you see the complex web, yet how simple the Loving Timeline is.

On the Loving Timeline, connection to Source is ever-present and the Highest Good for All Creation is happening. People, places and things flow into and out of our lives freely without attachment as we become able to participate in the flow, knowing that my Conscious Presence within the experience brings more flow. There is a reverence for All Creation here and additional knowing that supersedes all three dimensional thought. This is an expansive place that provides breathing room for the Soul and Divine inspiration comes in the form of Creation… We are all Creators in our Soul Purpose, we all chose this path we are on, knowing that one day we would arrive at this time of great change.

Yet, the experience has been ridden with fear and lack, a non-prosperous model that is a projected illusion accepted by mass consciousness. Ok… I choose something different now that I know better. I choose to see everything as part of a Spiritual Model. Already I am seeing the energy currents of the Universe realign to support this choice. Barriers have been removed, thoughts have been cleansed, a whole new vernacular is being developed and my actions are borne from Love. This way of being brings peace to my surroundings and as some of the last vestiges of connection to that system dissolve life-changing lessons learned and insights have come. I am on higher ground, out of the trenches and drudgery of that existence, seeing greater possibility in the vistas afforded by this higher vibration. Love is all there Is.

Look at the beauty around us now as our mass consciousness is relaxing its grip on the projection, the antiquated systems within crumbling to the energy of Love and Kindness, Forgiveness, Compassion. No longer must we accept our fears and insecurities as the only way, rather we can uplift ourselves with Love and begin to see the difference it makes in the world today. We all can experiment with consciousness now, as more are doing and it becomes easier with practice.

I look around me right now and see infinite possibility and my thoughts, words and actions align to that vision. My practices have brought back a youthful vigor and excitement. There is life in my step. I know that I am participating on the Loving Timeline… There is new alignment now, as I began to describe yesterday, in the matters of commerce and economy. My past experience, tainted with unconsciousness and agreement to what I now know is an untruth, was without Soul. So, as the fork in the road recedes behind me and the allure of the old path becomes distant, I focus solely on what is before me. There is a Spiritual Economy fueled with Source Energy that is right at my fingertips. The epithelial layers of my etheric now changing over, I begin to sense the rise and fall of my once laborious steps come now with the grace and ease of the Shamanic Dance with the Divine.

Opening now, the inspirations flow as I express my gratitude to Source for providing the infinite supply of energy that forms matter from thoughts, words and actions. High vibes are what it takes to participate, so I build high vibes FIRST, every day before moving into the world. I give back to Source of my time to give thanks and gratitude for the abundance provided. My morning practices cleanse my mind, body and Spirit and then I give joyously and freely of my full cup to All Creation. By sharing Love with All Creation, I begin the day with the knowledge that I am on the Loving Timeline and thus can see, hear, feel… sense the Source Energy that permeates All that Is… My steps now rooted in Love, begin…

Much Love,
Rev. Marc A. Titus
Little Hawk

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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