From the Beginning…

Shamanic Experience / The Buffalo Diaries

Aho!  Mitakuye Oyasin…  All my relations, I am grateful to walk this path with you. 

This is the Journey…  Now you can download the Buffalo Diaries book (e-version) right now.  Just enter your email address in the form to the right and check your email.  Follow the instructions and you will land on the download page to receive your copy of the book.

The following posts pick up where the book leaves off and are ordered chronologic…  Enjoy!

Blessings on our Soul Journey to Consciousness.


The Dance

Ballroom Dance / The Buffalo Diaries

I remember when it happened and have come again to see why it is so important for me to work so diligently on my spiritual growth. For me it came as a complete sense of imbalance, that everything was all upside down. And that makes sense now, as I... Read More ››

Making Time

Ballroom Dance / Shamanic Experience / The Buffalo Diaries

One of the battles within that I have fought countless times is one that makes no real sense when I think about it in a logical sense. It has to do with the minds perception of time, along with the training my mind has gone through in this lifetime.... Read More ››

Learning to Dance

Ballroom Dance / Shamanic Experience / The Buffalo Diaries

I have been learning to Ballroom Dance since the beginning of February this year.  It all started on a Sunday as I was meditating and the distinct sensation of movement and rhythm coursed through my body.  The message was to dance…  I was surprised at first, for a moment,... Read More ››

In this moment…

Ballroom Dance / The Buffalo Diaries

Spiritual growth takes practice, perseverance and a willingness to let go.  Over and over I am shown something that needs to be processed, the layers removed allowing consciousness to flow into parts of my being. I am guided by my experience to those places that need to be released... Read More ››


Ballroom Dance / The Buffalo Diaries

I haven’t written in several days, nor danced the ballroom dance, but I have been dancing with the divine.  I needed to attend to some business so I took a little journey to Scottsdale and sequestered myself in a room for 4 days, so as to completely focus on... Read More ››

The Waltz

Ballroom Dance / The Buffalo Diaries

There is something about the Waltz that is so pure and graceful.  The frame is the first indication, tall and expansive posture, allowing a freedom of movement for both partners.  The rise and fall is a constant motion throughout the Waltz as well as its progressive nature.  The movement... Read More ››

I forgive myself…

Ballroom Dance / The Buffalo Diaries

The natural ebb and flow of conscious energetic experience is very real.  Some days the energy strong, a flowing pressure within my body and others not so much.  Meditation has brought the awareness that this is very natural and when understood creates additional space to work with the experience.... Read More ››

A revealing shamanic journey…

Shamanic Experience / The Buffalo Diaries

There was a young Prince, so long ago, I see him sitting on a throne of death.  All around him, death and destruction.  The view from windows in the castle bearing the throne, reveal a landscape barren, dry and grey. He sits there, unmoving in the still landscape, not even... Read More ››

Higher Ground (Part 1)

Shamanic Experience / The Buffalo Diaries

I am on the other side… The last several days another experience of epic proportions.  After receiving the information from my last post, I began to release the identity that had been a part of me since early childhood.  Sometimes I wonder what others are experiencing at this time.... Read More ››

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