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Dancing to the Loving Timeline / The Buffalo Diaries
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Expanding consciousness is a process. There is always forward movement in the end if the will decides it, the learning along the way and the side trips all part of the Journey to wholeness. It feels elusive sometimes, but knowing the process helps. There are moments of challenge, indeed, yet it is what we do with those experiences that make the difference. Do I walk a well-worn path or look for the hidden fork in the road, sometimes obscured at first glance, to find the new way? I know what I used to do and at times the pull to go that way is very much in my awareness… in the light of my consciousness. Yet, at other times I have found myself hovering in stillness, the Little Hawk, observing before committing to the action.

It is the times of uncertainty that I came to question, and taking something Deva mentioned the other day, I began to explore my current state of consciousness with a more vigilant eye. She noticed what she called “vacancy,” much like a room for rent in my being where my consciousness wasn’t present. After a while, that made sense and I went further into the discovery. Were there indeed places within my being that were vacant ”rooms“ and if my consciousness wasn’t present there, what was? Thus began a few days of deep Shamanic exploration into my consciousness, looking for the places where it wasn’t… Interesting. How do you look for something that isn’t there?

My practice has been dedicated to bring about my Higher Consciousness and I have discovered many ways to do this. I have come back into wholeness in the process and filled my being with Light. But something very interesting occurred. There were places in my being that had been so ”lost“ that when my power returned it just filled in around those places, creating pockets of denser frequencies now surrounded by my light. As I said, it is all a process and this is just another step to take. This is an interesting place on the path…

I have cultivated a high level of conscious awareness and developed the practice to stay present to the moment, but within that vessel remained voids of emptiness. They started to show within my Dance and I realized that my Consciousness was far more than just my mind, but rather it was contained within my entire physical body. Now this may seem very apparent to most, yet I am describing a subtlety that was so elusive as to outwit a dedicated finder of the Truth. Finding these minuscule vacancies within a sea of brilliant bright Light, was my mission these past several days and in the Dance I found it. They show up in the way my body moves within the dance and from that I remember…

Dance was always a difficult thing for me throughout my entire adult life and I did a lot of Soul Retrieval and healing around it when I first came to the lessons last February. Now, as I allow a moment of reflection, I see that I was very tense and nervous in the studio and while learning. This was my dominant vibration and it impeded the flow greatly… stopped it ultimately. But, there were moments that I broke through and had the experience of complete relaxation into the Dance. It was just that glimpse back then that has kept me coming back to the Dance this whole time(turns out, I never left it…). I knew there was much to learn from it and in the time from that first lesson to now, I have learned much about myself. And now…

I have found my dance in the Argentine Tango. And I have found the momentum that brings cohistency, that cohesive and consistent experience. Dancing to the Loving Timeline has begun. What discoveries already! And those vacancies are showing themselves through my body and it is there that I can reclaim them, showering the tenants with the surrounding Light. Bringing my Light into these voids, reclaiming yet more of my Authentic Self has brought about an even higher frequency of experience. Consistently reaching for the highest vibration possible in any given moment leads to the Loving Timeline, it is True. Wherever you are… Wherever I am at the moment, going for the higher thought is the way. That will lead us to salvation.

All the answers to whatever challenge is being faced are on the Loving Timeline. They are in the feeling of vibrancy and aliveness that comes from a conscious experience. One that the Authentic Self is an active participant, shining bright and leading the way. We beings are just that, the Authentic Energy of our Original Creation… manifest in this body and moving through the vibrations of this experience. Feeling along the way with the perspective cultivated during our lives or lifetimes. However, having dared for something different, I have found a wonderful experience that has fulfilled my Soul and created Authentic Joy and Happiness where once there was only illusion. Actual Joy is indescribable, yet all artists, or creators try to express it in the many forms of art there are in the world today. Actual Joy, deep and pure is the connection to Source and the physical expression of that is the artist’s dream…

In the last 2 days, I have spent countless hours in the Dance, deeply immersed in my body, seeking out the voids and bringing light to them. It shows in my physical form and my dance frame is building. My will to learn the Argentine Tango is so strong now and my desire to bring this awareness into the Light unwavering. There is something to be revealed through the Dance and I am grateful to be a part of it. I am grateful to be aware of this tremendous Source of Universal energy, divine in its purity and available to all when open to receive it. I am grateful to the Dance for showing me the pockets of resistance and for the tools to bring consciousness of my spiritual being through my physical body and for the expression of Source that provides such Joy.

So much is happening right now as the Global Consciousness shifts. Many are coming to the Light and becoming aware. Rapid changes in the fabric of reality are possible. Keep care of your fabric as I do mine and the fantastic will reveal itself. Tend to your vessel and keep yourself well in these times of change… conserve your energy and be Love ever-present in the moment. Find Joy and you have found the Source…

 Finding Consciousness

Much Love and Kindness,

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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