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On the Journey, the road may twist and turn… You may not be able to see around the next bend or over the hill you are climbing, but know that the road will still be there… There will be solid footing for you as you take those tender steps towards the expansiveness you feel. It is the nature of the experience, and that is where Faith comes in. I am back in the Valley now, returned from my Birthday Pilgrimage, there is a newness to the experience. So palpable, that as I awoke this morning there was such a sensation of expansiveness that it caught me by surprise for a second.

There is something that happens on the road with two wheels and a throttle that opens the heart. As my Trusty Steed and I continued up the Coast from Pismo Beach on the day before my birthday, I acknowledged just how much the motorcycle has meant to me on the Journey. The helmet time and focus on the task at hand, the meditation, keeping me absolutely present. The monkey mind screeches to a halt when I get on the bike and I feel. All the senses are alive and being so close the environment I am traveling through provides a richer view than in a car. On a bike, I am exposed completely to the elements of the journey and it is more directly experienced through my entire being.

As I ponder, I see the corollary… In a car, I am protected… walled in, as it were. I don’t have to experience directly and can even control my experience within; not so on a bike!

Love>Fear is one of the stickers on the Steed and I laugh now, as the pieces land in place. We choose how we are going to experience our life. In Love, we ride the Journey, heart wide open… exposed to the elements, feeling every mile ridden and all it has to offer. But in fear, we wall ourselves away behind justification and hardness, controlling the climate and all the surroundings, the view limited and through glass and the elements never felt… only our “air-conditioned” comfort. Love is greater than fear, the experience all the richer for the exposure…

Remove the limitations of the fancy car, with its leather heated seats and protection from the elements of your life and open your heart wide! Ride through your life, my friends! It is such a grand experience; an adventure of epic proportions when we let it…

IMG 0072 Faith

Time begins to slow down and riding a section of the Pacific Coast Highway took me deep into meditation. It’s the little things on a motorcycle adventure that tickle the fancy and stopping for a Latte along the road brings a moment to reflect above the Oceanic expanse below… It is here, in these moments that the rush comes… In stillness, self-realization comes and the sense of knowing that I speak about so often burbles easily to the surface.

I am headed to Big Sur, this I know… the campground from so long ago beckons a return visit and there I see my grandmother and we share a laugh. Back in the early 90’s I camped here at the state park on a long Journey with my ex-wife. The weather was intense, really intense and my grandmother called out an APB on our car that resulted in a knock on a tent in the middle of the night in driving rain. “Are you Marc Titus?”, came from the elements… Dreadfully embarrassing back then, we laughed at it now, together by the stream as I settle into the redwoods once again.

On the bike, everything is simple and by allowing, all falls into place. With camp setup and a place to rest my head for the night, I sit amongst the trees and share the cosmic communication through my Soul. Without the tensions created by an unbalanced mind, I am still in the clarity of stillness and the visions come. On the eve of my birthday, I see my life pass by, but for a moment because the future begins to form from the ethers. I ask where I will be next year at this time and and IMAX clip begins to roll. the sun sets across the open water. I am on a beach and there is a fire… people are laughing joyously, but I can’t see them clearly, although they are there. There is a motorcycle… The Trusty Steed Jr, however a larger version. A KTM 990 Adventure… Sweet! Most notably is a sense of calm, as I realize the scene is in Mexico and I have just walked away from a group I guided on a motorcycle adventure to this place.

Coming slowly back to the fire, I realize at that moment, I was doing what I Love and Loving what I do… I have always been an Adventure Guide, even receiving a degree from University that says I am “qualified” to do so. But why so long ago, did I not follow my passion? Ahhhh, the questions we ponder at these moments in our lives. Am I living my life fully? Am I expressing my Soul’s desire? Am I being authentic and true to myself?

Is there a discrepancy? Or can you say with firm conviction and knowing that you have.

For me, the discrepancy so great that five years ago I began letting go to find my authentic self and become…

The fire burns down
Moonlight hints ethereal
Sleep and awake new…

I open my eyes to find myself in my sleeping bag amongst the redwoods on my birthday bringing with me from the dream-state a deep understanding of Faith…

Aho! the Journey continues…

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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