Days 8 & 9 – Sandpoint, ID to Sedro Woolley, WA

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Big Sky Country

It was good to stay in the motel… it poured rain all night, but I got good rest and stayed dry. The morning of Day 8 was spent on the phone with Deva and my publicist. We strategized how to become aligned with the requirements of this business. I am on a book tour, however it is rather unorthodox in nature. I like it that way, allowing for Spirit to guide me to the places I need to be, however it became apparent that I would have to finalize my media/promotions kit.

It was recommended to me that I approach New Dimensions Radio based in Ukiah, CA. My Soul stood up when I heard this and I went to the Internet to find it and inquire as to how I could make that happen. Sure enough, they wanted a media pack, hard copy, mailed to them and I reflected back on the 8 days that I delayed my Journey. Much releasing occurred during that time, but I also created. I wrote the article on Compassionate Incident Management and created a promotional flyer. It turns out that I am prepared for this next step in the Journey, as I was divinely guided to create these documents before I left. As the morning wore on, I felt that things were coming into place and it was time to depart.

Looking outside, it was still raining and as I moved towards the shower I used the time to meditate and mantra on the upcoming ride. “everywhere I go the sun will shine, everywhere I go the sun will shine on me…” over and over again i spoke this aloud and when I next went outside to pack up the bike, guess what! Sun is shining! Hadn’t failed me yet and I smiled deeply, from my Soul it came as I loaded up for the days ride. I was taking my time now, but I wanted to get to Early WintersCreek in Washington to camp for the night. As I was about to set out, there was a last squall of rain but it stopped just as I was getting on the bike.

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Early Winters Cr

A beautiful, but cold day ensued as I rode through the Idaho Panhandle and into NE Washington State. There was literally nobody on the roads, I had them all to myself as I meditated and shared Love with all Creation. Ride, mantra… mantra, Ride. And so it went all day long. Before I knew it, I was through Republic, WA having enough gas to get to Tonasket I thought, but 3 miles out I switched over to the reserve tank… No worries, I thought plenty-o-gas to make it the 40 miles the GPS was showing. The day was getting on, perhaps 4:30 pm as I continued now thoughts of “there is enough gas, there is enough gas…” going through my mind. There had been a low ceiling all day and it was getting dark even though the sun wouldn’t set for a few more hours.

The road was mine, very little traffic still as a valley opened up before me and a small sign indicated gas! Wauconda, WA. If one was driving this lonely piece of road and blinked they would miss this little gem on the side of Highway 20, I thought as I slowed to a stop behind a car at the single, brand new pump and shut off the engine. There was some chaos and confusion as the owner came out to show how to use it, but it all worked out and I started the bike to move up to the pump and it sputtered to a stop, engine dying as the last of my reserve tank was used up…

I am so grateful, I was guided to stop here as I would have probably made it several miles down the road on that last little bit of gas and would have been walking to be sure! I went in to pay, greeted by the owner, she suggested I stay for dinner… Prime Rib night (2 for 1) and live music, I hesitated because I had so far to still go. I told her I would smoke on it and went back outside. I hadn’t eaten all since a breakfast sandwich in Sandpoint and I was hungry… I let my mind go, testing it with my muscle testing routine. Rocking forward to my tiptoes I recognized I was indeed to stop here for reasons soon to be shown…

Dinner was fantastic, literally the best Prime Rib dinner I had ever eaten, the owner preparing it all day for the evening’s festivities. There wasn’t much said between us before I got up to leave, the place was busy with locals and as I was paying I introduced myself and asked for her name so I could refer to her in my writing. Neal and Maddie Love! go figure… at the Wauconda Cafe and Store. They really were putting there namesake into it and I commented on how wonderful everything was. I shared my story and a card and she asked what brought me into the ministry… and I smiled. I told her about my way and spoke about Spirit and she understood. A young local gentleman was sitting at the counter and overheard, requesting more information and a card too. These wonderful people, living in the frontier, were sharing Love at every opportunity. It was beautiful to see and I stayed as long as I could, knowing the daylight was going fast.

As I left, they cautioned me about the deer and we shared hugs I promising to write about them and they promising to check out the Buffalo Diaries. What a wonderful experience it was, consciousness and Love in the strangest places and as I rode off towards Tonasket I expressed my gratitude in mantra for the remainder of the ride. I made it another 70 miles, landing at a WA Dept of Natural Resources campsite just shy of Twisp, WA and was grateful to my old employer for such a nice spot right where i needed it. In the last rays of light I set up camp and sat down to the best surprise of the day.

As I was leaving the cafe, Maddie commented that I didn’t get my dessert, so she boxed up a piece of peach pie she had made that day.

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The Pie...

After camp was set, there I sat eating the best peach pie I have ever had in my life by Droid flashlight at a perfect campsite and I smiled. Life on the road, with it’s simple pleasures astounds me during these moments. Everything is perfect in every way as I finish the last bite and make my way to bed. Drifting off to sleep, the full moon is bright through the tent and I smile. I am right where I need to be, sharing Love with all Creation and making the world the best it can be…

Love and Kindness, Marc.


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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