Day 3 & 4 — Power Animal and to Missoula

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I left Boise at about 4:30 pm and rode up the Payette River Canyon. WOW!!! The landscape change dramatically to heavily forested and dramatically scenic. The weekend traffic coming at a steady pace, people returning to the city after a weekend in the trees. I rode on with determination to find a wonderful campsite and I did! Just 2 miles outside Cascade, ID was this awesome State Park on a lake and I selected a fantastic campsite on the shores and setup for the night while my dinner simmered over the stove. It was really pleasant and I was ready for a rest. It was threatening rain so I battened down the hatches and prepared for that eventuality.

3rdnightcamp LakeCascade Day 3 & 4    Power Animal and to Missoula


Deva and I talked that night and we discovered that we were very telepathic earlier that day. She related her experience just prior to waking up, describing the conversations she was having with me while I was working with my client. There is a connection that we share and our work together is quite powerful as a result. That day we proved to ourselves just how strong it was and discussing it over the phone that night brought it all together. She was with me that morning, working as my partner just as we had countless times in person, only this time we were 1000 miles away and she was in her dream-state. I know because I remarked to myself after the session was completed that I had never been that strong alone… Turns out I wasn’t. Go Team!

After that epiphany I retired for the evening to a sudden downpour, only venturing out briefly during the thick of it to retrieve my helmet . It was peaceful, the waves, wind and rain lulling me into a deep sleep. I rested, my body needing it and awoke to the same sound I went to sleep to. Rain… I lay there in the sleeping bag, mentally preparing for what could be outside and affirmed that where ever I went that day the sun would be shining. I saw my route, destinations and my riding it all in the sun. At some point the rain stopped and I got up. Tea and a smoke, no breakfast this morning for some reason and the cookstove under the oil pan… There was some slowness to my moves and I thought it odd that I seemed to be taking my time even though I was ready to go. It had stopped raining and the sun was starting to peak through when I saw the rainbow over my handlebars. Shortly after I departed…

rainbowonthemirror Day 3 & 4    Power Animal and to Missoula

Rainbow in the Mirror of my Life...

I was blessed with the sun all the way to McCall, ID even though dark clouds were all around and I decided breakfast was in order. A small diner perhaps with Local flavor was what I was looking for so I was surprised when the bike turned into this HUGE building with decks and wood siding, a really high end place. That wasn’t what I was looking for, per se, but Pancake House showed from under the eaves. Still surprised, I parked the bike and took my time going in.

Walking through the door I was shocked to see a familiar face! What, don’t I know you… Yup! an old colleague from so long ago in Olympia, WA we worked together at the DNR. He and his wife were on their own Journey following their guidance and enjoying the sites. We talked, caught up and they were the first to purchase a copy of the Buffalo Diaries! Synchronicity… I hope to see them again in a few weeks as I may spend a few days in Olympia on my way through.

Breakfast complete, I set about for the days ride. GPS said only 300 some miles to Missoula but it’s going slow. This was by far the longest stretch of winding, curving 2 lanes so far and I really enjoyed it. The scenery was spectacular and I only got rained on a couple of times. Hardly enough to even call rain, however the sun shined most of the way! I got to Missoula around 5:30 and went straight to some friends who offered to house me.

Such a wonderful couple and beautiful home we spend the evening catching up, cooking and we enjoy a meal of organic fresh vegetables from a local 5 acre farm. Heaven. I am moved to do a session into the late evening hours and my friend experiences in-person shamanic work for the first time. After discussing what we saw, I go outside to clear and ground. As I make my peace and insure all has crossed over, I realize that I have only been on the Journey for 4 days… 1400 miles healing sessions and a Power Animal Journey. I am tired and tomorrow will be a day of rest… Before I come in I remember a vision I had many months ago and I ponder that as I drift off to sleep.


 Day 3 & 4    Power Animal and to Missoula

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