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I had a laugh last night as I opened the refrigerator… Earlier in the day, I was using it to practice some Dance warmup exercises. I thought it funny that I would be doing that, but as I pulled the beverage out of the door last night I felt my physical alignment to the fridge and realized that my body had learned something. As I closed the door, I saw a vision of a video clip of me working with the fridge on my exercises. “I want to learn to Dance…” I say on camera, as I continue to align my upper body to the frame of the refrigerator and do swivel turns with my feet and legs. It showed me the places where I was stuck… Deva referred to it as a rubber band coiling and uncoiling. In the exercise was the key to unlocking the simplicities of the movement.

There was no denying it, my body was stuck in some places, but years of training in yoga, tai chi, chi kung and other energy movement arts began to loosen the grip and the energy began to flow. One thing I noticed was my mental resistance, very subtle but tacitly present, I recognize my choice in allowing that frequency. There was/is no need for that resistance and it is merely an indicator of Soul Pieces, lost energy to past events, that is available for me to heal and reclaim. I smile, now as I write this, because I understand how important it is to heal these “issues” of the past, so they play no role in corrupting the beauty of the present moment.

Yesterday’s dance practice brought new energy to my being and afterwards I launched into my Soul Projects with much focus and clarity. The movement training breaking through any resistance and my awareness to the healing brought new ideas and inspirations that I was able to bring into Creation effortlessly and with great ease. There was a freedom and purity of my thoughts, words and actions into the activities that filled the day. A true blessing and I am grateful.

This morning, as I stood in the yard, air crisp as the crunch under my feet, dry and desiccated these leaves once filled with life, yet now turning into dust, I breathed in the essence of Creator. Flowing it through my pores and out my feet I felt twinges of tightness in my left foot. I brought my awareness into my connection to the earth and could feel a more expansive foot print. Interesting… Wiggle my toes, shift my weight. Yes, something was different. During the practice yesterday, Deva brought my attention to my feet and suggested that I expand with each step and make sure my little toe was fully open. Hmmm… Mine wasn’t, rather it was curled under a little and I had to use some effort to stretch it out. Well, this morning the consciousness I brought to that workout has made a difference.

My feet were more open this morning after I massaged the soreness from them and I felt a deep connection to the Earth. When I opened my feet completely, stretching my toes and shifting my weight, I found a place where there was a pulsing, suction sensation and I could feel the energy coming up from the core of our Mother. It filled my energy channels, nadis, and the prana moved fluidly through me from top to bottom and out my crown. Nice…

The dance has provided many revelations, since we started last February. We have learned much about ourselves through this spiritual and energetic exploration. I looked back this morning to when the idea birthed to document our Journey with the Dance and know it has spiraled back into this now moment. Dancing to the Loving Timeline will provide a Shamanic view of the energy of the Dance. We are looking at an experience of Source through the body with movement and it is quite exhilarating!

Smiling again, I think of the refrigerator and my posture automatically realigns in my chair as the energy flows through me. It is every moment that the awareness can come and in every moment we choose what level to participate. High vibrational experience requires participation, especially when moving out of the denser realms of existence and into the light. Whenever the awareness comes, make use of it. Apply it to your needs and let it course through you in the moment, aligning everything to Source in that blink of an eye. As you continue, those moments will string together into greater cohistency and you will feel that momentum begin. This is the wave to ride… relax into it and allow it to cascade throughout your entire being, moving through physical matter then into the matters of the Universe only to return through that suction at your feet…

Life is the Dance and when we know this everything softens and becomes smoother… we become softer and the fabric of reality around us becomes smoother. Well, I say… that is Awesome and I am going to stay on this path. It only keeps getting juicier as I go.

Here I go… to the Tango to learn about myself. Wanna come?

Much Love and Kindness,

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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