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Something very profound has happened this morning. A tremendous shift has occurred, yet another one on this glorious Journey! I awoke with a vibrancy and aliveness that was uniquely different from times before. There was something very palpable about the energy in my being and I rose very deliberately to coffee on the back patio. Sedona on a Sunday morning is such a delicious set of experiences. The birds sing praise to the glory of the scenery and bring delight to all around, the air still and peaceful as this quiet town comes to life. The view is stunning, yet breath-giving and life-affirming as I soak in morning Prana, still relatively undisturbed. I smile as a group of mountain bikers lazily pedal by looking for their thrills of the day, calm in the pre-trail bliss. There is something in the fabric today…

Deva pulled something out of my back last night that was holding on deep between my shoulder blades. When it released, I melted into the floor and experienced a sensation of blissful awakening. Consciousness was/is moving throughout my body more unimpeded than ever before. The fabric of my being and the fabric of the Loving Timeline are starting to match in frequency. My skin, muscles and bones feel awake and aware, bringing new sensations into the Dance. This shamanic exploration of the Argentine Tango has been very exciting and the personal discoveries are taking us to entirely new levels of understanding. My body is changing, my mind is tranquil and my Spirit soars.

The Argentine Tango is an improvisational street dance between partners. There is a sensuality in it that brings awareness to the surroundings and in order to be in the dance, the senses must be attuned to within, as well as present to the floor. I have noticed what happens when the consciousness descends or is blocked in some part of my body. The flow is blocked and the dance stops… So, it is all about stringing moments upon moments of complete consciousness, inclusive of the mind, body, spirit connection. Consciousness must flow unhindered throughout my entire being for the dance to flow through me and onto the floor.

So, I dance… and carry the flow with me throughout the day. When I sit, it is with dance frame. I seek out unconsciousness and bring my light to those areas in all that I do now. When I come to the Tango, I am conscious and when I flow into other daily activities I bring the Dance… Dance is Life. Dance=Flow=the Loving Timeline. I am dancing right now…

When I stand, I stand with presence and stature, completely aware of the connections throughout my body that hold me in alignment to the Earth and the Heavens. When I think, there are Loving and Kind thoughts, Compassionate ones to share with all of Creation. When I speak, it is with Beauty and Reverence for All Creation. I have come to a place where I have become what I was becoming and in this moment I acknowledge the arduous trek I took to get here. There were many times that I fought it along the way, turned upstream and paddled hard to no avail, always being turned back into the current I arrive at the same place in the end…

However, this is just the beginning, always a new start to the day is possible and by breathing in the moment, I am alive! That is what matters, isn’t it? I am alive, you are alive and we should be really having a wonderful time together. Laughing and smiling and sharing Love!

Sometimes it isn’t like that… But, I have discovered that is the transitory feeling and we can always get back to the Loving Timeline. Our Soul knows the way and is desperately trying to communicate this at our times of need. Feelings, thoughts, words or actions that are other than high vibrational are misaligned and can be shifted back onto the Loving Timeline when we bring the consciousness necessary to see the misalignment. Once it is revealed, then we do the work to release them. Eventually, it comes to the place where we are experiencing the Loving Timeline the majority of the time. I am happy to report that this is the experience… Cohistency is possible!

I have found my Dance and it is the experience that brings me Joy and strengthens my alignment, my direct connection to Source, the Original Creator of Our Souls. It is in this movement to the rhythm of the Universe that I know who I am and how to be and as this pause between the notes comes to a close, I collect and take the next step…

Much Love and Kindness,

the Buffalo Diaries


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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