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2010 08 14 17 51 48 824 300x225 AdventureToday, I packed and am ready to depart. Just a couple of additional items, my helmet is still to arrive tomorrow, but I am ready. Now, I can focus on the energetic experience as the departure date nears. There is still much to do, but I feel relaxed and on the Loving Timeline. It was nice not to leave the canyon today… Many wonderful blessings this rejuvenating place provides and a reality that is real. The energy is clean and clear, the prana rushing by on the currents of the creek, a brilliant rush of white light when Spirit moves and the Wind follows…

It fills me with Love being here, preparing for the Journey a joyful experience for me. I was trained for expeditions in college and indeed it has been a long time, this a different mode of travel, but an adventure to be sure. As the gear all comes together, I wonder for a moment how it will all fit on this bike, along with me, to support me for 7 weeks. It does, I loaded almost everything up and it’s gonna work… a bit of a laugh when I realize I haven’t packed food or water, but there will be room.

Now the energy shifts to the purpose of the Journey and I have allowed several days to attend to that, along with any last minute tasks prior to leaving. I ordered my books and Deva will forward them to me along the way, I see my first reading will be in Missoula, MT or somewhere nearby. Denver and Boise will be grounding, getting my Journey feet under me, as it were and every destination along the way having its own significance and importance to the whole experience.

The Heroes of the Now is being proofed, as I write this and will likely be back in my hands along the Journey somewhere. I remember coming into Sedona and speaking with my oldest friend. She, a writer and english teacher herself, bore witness to my acknowledgement that I would write a book about it all… There were others, I know and I am happy that they bore witness for me back then as this Sedona Experience transformed me. And now its time to carry forward my discoveries. To express the Love and Creativity I have cultivated and share.

Consciousness is the superpower for the Heroes of the Now…

When something is brought into the Light of Consciousness, it is in the field of awareness and a Hero of the Now will address this new information or experience in ways that further their growth towards themselves. It is a fascinating time to behold when life becomes all about one’s own development. What was once thought of as selfish, becomes the self-Love that perpetuates a continual cycle of self-discovery. And in this cycle, is the awareness that one’s energetic state of being is the very essence of one’s reality. This is a powerful understanding and one that bears continual emphasis and diligence.

New information is constantly coming into one’s awareness from all around. If we listen carefully, and with the ears of Spirit, we begin to know what is right for us. We can cultivate the tools of discernment best for our needs, so as to be in the flow of the experience, not fighting the current but rather relaxing into the cool, clear waters of the stream as a twig would follow the eddies and backwaters, as well as the main current. Occasionally, taking slight detours, apparently stalling at times, but constantly moving with the current.

Ebb and flow, the rhythm of the Universe always present, constant a stream of energy that I ride on the wings of the Hawk, to great heights… soaring into the vast expanse available, only to catch a downdraft that takes me into the canyon, following the watercourse way of humility and humbleness. The ride of life is like this and by removing the thought patterns of old I can see the beauty and marvel at the profundity of the embrace. Becoming one with my experience, replacing the antiquated belief that I am separate… alone, without relation, changing deep rooted erroneous thinking and behaviors to allow the possibility of something more and in an instant I understand. The richness of the Universe opens and I am at Peace.

As the canyon comes to life, the rays of the sun not yet direct, I begin my day. There was some influence that came in through the night, my light not as bright as it was when I retired for the evening, so I address this immediately. Calling back my power, I push those influences, fear and self-doubt, out of my field. They are no longer welcome and because they have come into the light of consciousness I am able to address them. Sending them on their way, down the canyon with the breeze they are recycled into the currents of Creation energy ever-present in this natural environment.

My inner peace and harmony is what makes all this possible; the connection to source requiring it, so I continue to work, releasing the slight inner turmoil and the light of day begins to illume the red rock spires and cliff faces… the canyon environment begins to sing… There is the Stellar’s Jay, screeching forth the dawn of a new day and the hummingbirds have arrived in morning mass at the feeders outside my window, flitting about on tiny wings in the confined space under the arbor. Reminded, I am, of the drive through espresso stands I, too used to frequent, these tiny creatures needing their sustenance coming to the fly through feeding station. As I fill my gourd of Yerbe Mate with water from the deep source I drink from I move to join the hummingbirds in their morning ritual. Standing in their midst, looking into their eyes and seeing their inquisitive look, I remember and am inspired…

Love and Kindness,


Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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