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Marc Titus

I am on the frontier of the consciousness revolution, everyday experiencing this world in new and exciting ways. I am a Modern Yogi on a Shamanic path, in search of the Truth and original experience. Healing with yoga, soul retrieval, tai chi, chi kung, dance and other energy medicine practices has provided access to deeper universal knowledge.  Opening to all Creation with Love, kindness and compassion brought about energy flow and infinite possibilities previously unknown to me.  Shining the Light of Love into the depths of my being created enormous change, affecting all areas of my life in a positive and uplifting way. Complete health and wellness became the norm and my physical body, mind and spirit became balanced while an authentic soulful experience developed. When the energies of the cosmos are aligned with Soul Purpose, the Universe responds in kind, bestowing blessings upon All Creation.

Energy, vibration and movement have become my passion since walking away from my old life.  There was a distant calling that I finally heeded on my birthday in 2007 and with Spirit guiding me the entire way, I landed in Sedona, AZ to deepen my yoga practice and obtain my credentials as a Certified Yoga Teacher.

On 11/11/2007 I met a Shaman, Healer, and Muse.  She told me of her work, Shamanic Soul Retrieval and thus I embarked on a 4 year Soul Journey to Consciousness. My experience with Soul Retrieval and the Yoga of Meditation went deeper as I began my self-directed teacher training through Aura Wellness Center in 2009.  I have been guiding, teaching and sharing consciousness since.  Dark becomes light and the Breath inspiration.  Aho!  Mitakuye Oyasin.