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Find hearts in my coffee...

Everything felt right and my energy was high as I rode into the little community of Hioucha. There were a few shops and such, but my sights were set on the espresso stand in the gas station. Walking in, there was a crispness to the air and I felt completely alive and in the flow. There were two wonderful ladies and I ordered a peach/raspberry latte… and bought a fresh baked cookie and my American Spirits. The lady behind the counter seemed to know exactly what I was going to ask for and I commented about it and told her I was a shaman and author. She was interested and so we spoke of the work, the journey and sharing Love with all Creation. She got it… I am always humbled when someone buys a copy of my book; moved deeply every time and so grateful to be supported in this way.

She came out front and we talked some more, sharing our experience amongst the trees. She told me of a few places to go and I thanked her. There was much happening this morning, Deva and I spoke about the possibilities that were unfolding. I am on the front lines, promoting my books and sharing my experience and Love for all Creation and my partner is providing the backup and support remotely. We spoke of the energy we each were seeing and about the ways we are opening to the opportunities that are unfolding before our very senses. Ideas are flowing and a buzz is about as the vibrations speed up.

The energy that we have cultivated and the skills we have developed for this work are quite something. We have enhanced our telepathic communication and my powers have grown with each day on the road. Our skills are being honed for the upcoming tasks and we can see how they can be utilized by the coming consciousness. Deva has also perfected the making of holy water and completely rejuvenated an ailing Rose Garden in the process. The Holy Water is pretty powerful and the roses are tangible evidence of its efficacy. We are ready.

I also talk to a couple from New York I met in the campground. Wonderful beings, musicians and conscious, they share with me a potential route to the east side and I share with them my card and the Catalyst. They thank me and depart for the day, having decided to stay in the state park one more night. When I see them again, I must remember to give them the Heavenly Hygiene meditation… Before I realize it, most of the morning has passed and I head into Crescent City. After finding out the folks I wanted to meet wouldn’t be back till monday, I got supplies and talked with Deva again about a session later that afternoon. I was now decided to stay close by, perhaps on Forest Service so I wouldn’t be around so many people on a Saturday night. We agreed to telepathy and I went for a quick burrito. That’s when the guy came up to me with directions for the back way…

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Towering Ancient Wisdom

I rode through those trees, magnificent beings towering into the sky some 300 feet… Wow, it was spectacular. The air was alive with Prana and I breathed it in with each intentioned breath. The fog slowly dissipated and I was in the sun again, riding out of the redwoods into younger timber. The river road came up and I headed up the south fork. It was actually pretty hot and I was looking for a campsite now. I just wanted to sit and clear, meditate by the river and be away from the cell phones and other frequencies. Riding up the road, there are stretches of new blacktop and I open it up carving impeccable turns on the smooth surface. I find the spot, but adventure calls and so I continue up the road to see what’s there. That leads me to a FS road, signed 3 miles to a lake so I go. Its rocky and rough, and I try to stand up, but that’s not comfortable… I may need to get some risers for my handlebars if I am gonna do that. The lake comes up on my right and it is a swampy, shallow lily pad lake so I decide to go back down to the river.

That’s how I got here to this moment. Writing blog entries on battery power and lounging on my therma-lounger…. Very grateful to this wise use of my sleeping pad and my but is much happier than it was when I started an hour or so ago. This day has been really amazing…the whole journey a string of impeccable moments on the Loving Timeline. I had a wonderful seat on the outdoor patio for dinner, the specialty tonight was chile and parmesan cheese with goldfish smiling at me. A perfect meal and I smile as I am sure every camper must say… That is the best meal ever… Why does food taste so good when camping?

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the Smith...

It is dark now and I am gonna indulge in some more cookies, perhaps have a smoke by the moonlight and soon retire for the evening. Today much was accomplished for the Light. And consciousness was shared. Love is greater than fear and the Loving Timeline is right here, right now. Welcome and enjoy…

Many Blessings on your Journey…


 A Perfect Day

Marc is a modern yogi and visionary guide for new paradigm thinkers and creators. He brings a current approach to the science of yoga and meditation, blending masterfully, ancient practices and philosophy to soothe this tumultuous modern experience and support purposeful, organic and dynamic creations that bring humanity to a higher consciousness experience. He has served business, government and international non-profit organizations, as well as coached individual clients from all walks of life to realize their highest good.

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